Key Strategies To Help Make Your Company More Attractive

Using Attraction to Draw Prospects to You

Attraction Marketing is the process of making your company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving specific marketing initiatives with the people you already employ. In short, it means improving your attractiveness to your prospects and to the marketplace.

Brought on by changes due to the economic downturn, the innovative concept of Attraction Marketing addresses a series of measurable strategies that any company can initiate, simply by utilizing the talents you already have available: your internal teams at all levels. No matter what your size or business area, you can increase your attractiveness to prospects using your own people to move these strategies forward.


Making a great first impression in today’s economy is more important than ever. With the majority of people researching a company or product via the Internet prior to even “putting them on their list”, maintaining a strong web presence and keeping your website content relevant for your prospects is essential. “All dressed up” deals with specific ways to create the right impression and experiences for the ever-changing Web 2.0 environment.


Getting your business out there to be seen by prospects may seem obvious – but it is no longer enough to simply “show up.” You must work to maximize the results of your participation in community, group, association and industry events. By setting goals and adding preplanning to every show and event, you can improve your results significantly. And when you learn how to “show up in style,” you can make tradeshows work for you again. Read more