Food Retail is Dying to a Millennial Mind

Food Retail Marketing to Millennials

In 2015, food brands should be targeting Millennials with their advertisements, however the traditional media avenues are not as effective in reaching this younger generation of consumers.

Millennials consume advertisements through technology because it is so integrated into their lives, with 81 percent using televisions, 76 percent using laptops, 40 percent iPhones, and 48 percent using desktop computers. Read more

packaging design resources

12 Top Packaging Design Resources

Kerrie Hughes | Creative Bloq | August 18, 2014

You’ll get tons of advice and inspiration on the subject of packaging design from these free resources.

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people interested in packaging design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we’ve picked out the top packaging design resources to help you really get to grips with it. Read more

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Marketing Strategy

5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Marketing Strategy

Chip Overstreet | 1to1 Media | June 12, 2015

Although Spring is nearing the end, it’s the time of year when we clean out our homes and offices. This year we’re taking it a step further by sorting through our marketing strategies and challenge other marketers to take this opportunity to rejuvenate their strategies as well.

With their freshly organized closets, shoppers will be perusing the web looking to fill the empty space, so a fresh marketing strategy should be a priority for retailers. The goal should be to toss outdated and unnecessary tools, preserve what’s working well, and update your technology to be more modern and efficient. Here are five tips for marketers trying to revitalize their marketing strategy this spring. Read more