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Putting Meaning Back Into Marketing: The Importance of Marketing

It is critical for companies to understand the importance of marketing and how it effects their bottom line. Read Valerie Levin’s article on how marketing is currently viewed in the workforce.

Valerie Levin | HubSpot | December 7, 2016

Everyone in an organization is (hopefully) aware that marketing is essential to a company’s success. However, when asked to define what the marketing team does and how it impacts business, answers tend to come up short.

Responses such as “social media, graphic design, advertising, emails and brochures,” are going to be most common – but chances are, if someone isn’t on the marketing team or doesn’t deal directly with the department, there’s probably some mystery to what’s being done there. Read more

Five Social Media Tips To Create A Focused Marketing Strategy

Makenzie Bonham | Forbes | December 9, 2016

There are plenty of social media platforms on the market, but choosing which platforms to utilize can have a lasting impact on your business and personal promotion. With rumors of Instagram incorporating live video streaming and Twitter’s surprise decision to shut down Vine, the six-second video capture app it acquired just four years ago, the social media platforms you choose to implement into your marketing strategy matter. Read more