Email Marketing: Why You Should Always Use A Double Opt-in

Today’s Internet marketing atmosphere is plagued with email spam that doesn’t seem to stop as unethical spammers just hammer our email boxes with multiple offers for prescription drugs and other more intimate products.

Although spam attacks are annoying, it is important to keep your marketing reputation intact with quality email content sent only to your subscribers after receiving a double opt-in consent for your information. Your focus is to build a loyal, responsive list of subscribers willing to receive your emails and the safest way to build that list is with the double opt-in process.

In your rush to get your Internet marketing business going without a list, you might mistakenly try some shortcuts that will get you branded as a spammer. Buying a list, gathering email addresses from forums and social networking profiles or using email addresses your friend uses is a definite No-No. Even when those email addresses are effectively public knowledge, you do not have permission to invade their email with your message.

Building your list without being branded a spammer requires some specific processes that start with the double opt-in on your website or blog. When you offer your visitors something of value to them, like a short report with information or step-by-step instructions they need, they will give you their email address and name in order to download it, which builds your list. If you’ve correctly set up your site, that email sign-up will automatically go to your autoresponder and initiate a sequence of emails that will require a click on a link to verify both the email address and the permission to market to them. When that happens, your new subscriber is added to your database on the autoresponder and a link to download the product is sent to your new member, along with a welcome email.

Even if you have permission to send emails to your subscribers, do not forget your manners. Send welcome emails and ones thanking your subscribers for anything they do, like provide information to you or buy one of your products.

The double opt-in gets you permission to send marketing emails, but it will not keep your subscribers happy if you treat them as strangers. An unsubscribe click is all it takes to lose them forever.

Email campaigns where permission is first sought are very successful, and most successful Internet marketers have built lucrative businesses with it. Make all marketing methods work for you, and these could include offline methods too, by printing your webpage link on everything you distribute. It does not have to be a large advertisement, just a simple link to your site and maybe one line of text offering something free.

Your best asset when you are building your list is patience. It takes time to build a responsive list and shortcuts will not benefit you. Never send unsolicited emails, instead use the double opt-in process and you will be more successful.

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