Basic SEO Steps for Your Senior Living Community

Assisted living, senior living, and skilled nursing are some of the fastest growing and most competitive online searches. The fact is, seniors and their children are  searching online to find information about senior living communities. Implementing a strong senior living SEO strategy is a great way to improve your search engine presence and bring those searchers to your website for senior living marketing.

SEO comes down to three main parts, content, on-page optimization and external optimization. Here are some basic SEO steps for your senior living community.

Updating Your Content

Content is the most important part of SEO. It engages readers with compelling, up-to-date information and answers their questions. It also plays a big part in how people find you online. Content is an important ranking factor in the search engines and regularly updating your website with new information will drive more traffic to your community’s website.

You should create content that seniors and their children would find helpful and informative. This doesn’t have to just be articles published on your website, content can also include photos, videos, audio, apps and more.

You could start by covering your community’s benefits and amenities, a photo or video tour of your facilities, frequently asked questions, senior health issues and anything else that your website’s visitors and your community members would find helpful.

On-Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is the process of labeling and organizing your content so that search engines can easily find it and understand its meaning.

Optimize the Title Tags and Meta-Descriptions for your website. These are both HTML attributes that search engines use to understand the content on a page and to describe your website on a search results page. When optimizing, include important keywords, when relevant, and write compelling copy that will encourage users to click on your link on a search results page.

Other important on-page factors include mobile friendliness, removing duplicate content, maintaining a simple and easy-to-follow site navigation, and optimized images.

External Optimization

External Optimization is the process of building the popularity of your retirement community website. You can build up your website’s popularity through social media and link earning.

Social media has become an important tool for senior communities. It not only allows communities to engage with residents and their families, but also has a number of search engine benefits. Popular tweets now regularly appear on search results pages and social signals are believed to be an important ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm. You should create social profiles for your community and regularly post important community updates, articles, videos, and anything else that seniors might find engaging.

Since the beginning of the Internet, search engines have used links to measure the popularity of webpages. Despite some changes in how Google and the other search engines value links, they are still the most important ranking factor and earning new links will help improve the prominence of your community’s website in search results. To earn more links, you can start by asking local community websites for a link or sending out press releases to the local newspaper.

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