Google Analytics and Social Interaction Tracking

With the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google Analytics has added Social Interaction Analytics. When using Google to search for something, you may have noticed the +1 box that appears next to the displayed results.

You can even see these +1 boxes on the Google Adwords ads that can show up with your search results. Google Analytics tracks how often someone clicks on these boxes.

Additionally, you may have noticed a variety of social icons appearing on various sites. Here are some examples:

Google Analytics can now track clicks on these. So, if a person viewing a page clicks on the Facebook Share icon, they are taken to Facebook where upon logging in can have a post made on their wall showing a link to the page they were viewing. This will then let their friends know about the page. The click on the Share icon is what gets recorded in Google Analytics. This can be very useful information for companies tracking social interaction based on an email campaign, a newspaper ad or even a mailed promotion piece. Tracking social just makes sense, especially as social sites drive more of the web’s traffic.

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