How to Turn Your Blog Subscribers Into Valuable Business Leads

With so much emphasis on quality content these days (and rightfully so!), it’s easy to forget about some of the other things that make an effective blog tick. But let me tell you — building a successful business blog isn’t just about creating content. And if that’s the only thing you’re focusing on, you’re definitely not using your blog to its fullest potential.

What I’m talking about here is blog optimization. Not in terms of search (although that’s important, too), but rather in terms of using your blog to move prospects through the marketing funnel.

So how do you optimize your blog for every stage in the marketing funnel? Well, we’ve already written posts about how to optimize for nurturing casual visitors into dedicated subscribers, and how to optimize for nurturing your current leads … but what about those inbetweeners? No, I’m not talking about the British sitcom. I’m talking about those people who are active subscribers, but not quite leads for your business yet. Well, those inbetweeners are exactly who we’re going to focus on today.

Let’s take a look at some effective, contextual ways to optimize your blog to nurture those subscribers into valuable business leads.

How to Nurture Your Blog Subscribers Into Business Leads

Warm Up to New Blog Subscribers With a Welcome Email

Don’t just start shoving lead conversion opportunities down your brand new subscribers throats right off the bat. Start warming up to your new subscribers with an automated welcome email. Use this email to show recipients how much you appreciate having them as subscribers, remind them what they signed up for, and let them know about any other action items.

For example, if you offer email frequency options (e.g. instant notifications vs. a daily, weekly, or monthly roundup), let subscribers know how they can change their preferences to suit their needs (more on this next). You can also encourage your subscribers to follow you in social media for additional content updates — a great way to increase your social reach. Finally, if you already have some personal information in your contacts database about your subscribers, use it to personalize the email.


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