ABCs of Online Video

Building a Strategy

Whether you”re a traditional publisher with corporate money at your disposal or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants blogger, you should already have a solid strategy in place that guides the content you offer on your website. For most publishers, no matter their size, that strategy involves the kind of content that your site visitors read. Attention-grabbing headlines and search engine optimization (SEO) are no doubt at the top of your priority list, but with the popularity of websites such as YouTube, easy-to-use digital video equipment, and computer monitors that can double as television screens, content providers are beginning to recognize the importance and value of having a video content strategy as well. It”s becoming increasingly necessary to appeal to site visitors who want to view, not just read, your content.

“Content development extending toward video is, in many ways, an organic process,” says Seth Kenvin, CEO at Market7, Inc., which helps organizations better manage the video editing processes. “Over time, companies have been retiring their print materials, and video is becoming an increasingly important component.”

Publishers are finding very innovative ways to use video as part of their content repertoire and are noticing that it can lead to increases in the number of site visitors as well as boost engagement on sites. As exciting as the addition of video to a site can be, content providers must remember to maintain focus on the end goal.

Video Can Yield Deeper Relationships, Collaborations

When companies brainstorm about video strategies, Jonathan Weitz, partner with Interactive Broadband Consulting Group, LLC (IBB Consulting), says there are a couple of things leaders need to consider as they create goals for this segment of their business. The first is to ensure that the purpose of the video is to broaden the company”s audience. The second is to deepen the relationship with the customer.

Ian Palmer, head of marketing for Reprints Desk, Inc., says publishers have great opportunities to use video as a branding tool to showcase their offerings. That”s what Reprints Desk, a business software and information services company, does with this medium. In fact,  Live games fully optimised for leading tablets and smartphones – convenient and portable to suit your players’ lifestyles. Palmer says his first hire was a videographer so the company could quickly use video to separate itself from the competition.

Palmer says Reprints Desk has integrated the use of video into its operations through bartering (in-kind exchanges). “We”ve bartered in exchange for branding visibility,” says Palmer. One company Palmer teamed up with was ExL Pharma at the Digital Pharma East conference. “We dedicated our video services to them in exchange for brand visibility on their website and in their promotions,” explains Palmer. “It was key content we wanted to be associated with. For companies trying to build the next version of their company, they have to create valuable content outside of their core business to connect with their core audiences.” Palmer says that Reprints Desk also completed a similar collaboration with the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

Palmer notes how publishers who embrace video can shine a spotlight on core assets, such as authors, and use video to “bring those assets to life.” That can be as simple as webcasts. It can also become much more-such as an entire product line. Video is just “one more way to get the content out there,” says Palmer. It can effectively showcase an organization”s offerings as well as become a main offering itself.

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Author: Marji McClure

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