Top Obstacles Faced By a New Blogger

Author: Annetta Powell | July 16, 2013 | Business 2 Community

The Quest for Building Awareness

Business-oriented blogging eventually makes it important to gain recognition among followers, target audience, and similar bloggers within the industry or field of specialization. But reaching this level is no less than an obstacle for new bloggers, mainly because it requires time, patience, hard work, and determination. This means that you should set out on your blogging journey with a clear mindset about the efforts you will have to make to become widely recognized after a period of time.

The Opt-In Obstacle

Building strong relationships with the target audience is an imperative objective for every new blogger. But the means of getting there include building a list of solicited subscriptions for an email database. This is a challenge because new blogs lack reputation and trust due to which the target audience is mostly reluctant in filling out the opt-in form. But there is really no two ways about it. As a new blogger, you must not ignore the goal of acquiring email subscriptions. All you have to do is to aim at it with a slightly different perspective. You must consistently give your target audience the content that holds value to them so as to build their trust in the near future.


Traffic Attraction & Generation

What makes it difficult for a new blogger is to realize the challenges of low or even no traffic generation in the early days of a blog. This is mostly because of the countless blogging success stories that we come across. In order to transforming your status from a new to a seasoned blogger, you will have to understand the dynamics of business-oriented blogging and the impact of search engines. This way, you will be able to decipher the underlying causes of low traffic generation as search engines also require time to rank new blogs. This means that you must continue to create and share high quality content on your blog which contains highly searched keywords in adequate density.

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