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What’s Trending in Marketing for January 2020

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends, given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Pinterest announced their new tool, Pinterest Trends, which shows the top searches among its pinboards from the last 12 months. It also includes data on when top searches reach their peak. This new tool will help marketers on Pinterest track trends for their campaigns. They also published their Pinterest 100 report which marketers can use for insight on possible consumer behavior in 2020. Read more on Mobile Marketer.

Pandora is asking users to say ‘yes’ to interactive audio ads

Pandora is testing audio ads that have users interact verbally before the rest of the ad is played. The ads will appear on-screen as well. Pandora partnered with multiple brands to create entertaining audio ads that they think listeners will be likely to interact with. Users are informed from the beginning of the ad about the type of ad it is and they are then prompted to verbally engage with the ad. If they choose not to, the music playback continues after a few seconds. This new development could give marketers more data on their audio ad campaigns. Marketing Land has the full story here.

Google now shows carousels of reviews on local business profiles

Local businesses with high quality reviews will now see their reviews shown in a carousel format on Google. This is the first time google reviews have ever been shown in a scrollable carousel format. Businesses with mostly positive reviews will benefit from this new development as it makes reviews easier to see. Users no longer have to scroll down or click “see all reviews” to see multiple review excerpts. Find out more on Search Engine Land.

Improving Your Marketing Program

The Rising Importance of Voice Search Marketing

Search marketing has long been a primary focus in the marketing strategies of many businesses. A good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help increase your website’s exposure and bring in more organic traffic from search engines. However, as technology has advanced, search engines have as well. Keywords are not the only way that users perform search queries anymore. Voice search is quickly becoming a priority for search engines, especially with the rising popularity of virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri. As such, you will need to adapt your search marketing strategy to include a voice search strategy.

4 Tips on How to Leave Lasting Impressions on Customers 

If you want to leave lasting impressions on your customers, you have to do more than sell them a service. Making their experience with your brand comfortable and enjoyable keeps them coming back over and over again. Giving customers individual attention and making them feel like you truly care about their needs will help them remember your business the next time they need your services. When it comes to leaving positive lasting impressions, the job does not end once they’re loyal to your business. You have to continue giving them positive experiences every time you’re in contact. Keep the following four tips in mind when interacting with your customers.

Customer Experience vs User Experience: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to building your website and providing the best possible customer service, it’s all about creating a positive experience that will help increase conversions, retain customers, and improve your brand reputation. You may refer to this experience as the “customer experience” or the “user experience”. However, these two types of experience are not actually the same thing. Knowing the differences between the two is very important. This is because by knowing the differences between customer experience vs user experience, you will be able to improve both.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Instagram influencer marketing activity jumps 48%, study finds

This year, influencer marketing activity has grown 48% as the number of posts with the #ad hashtag grew to more than 3 million. When posts include #ad, it indicates the post is sponsored. More and more brands are partnering with social media personalities to reach the younger generations, according to a study by Klear. 54% of Instagram influencer content was made by millennials, but only 34% of Instagram users are in that age group. More about the study can be found on Mobile Marketer

Facebook Launches Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics

Facebook now has new ad performance measurement options in Ad Manager. Of you manage  more than one Facebook ad account, you can now view the overall ad performance rather than having to look at each separate account. This new feature should save advertisers time when analyzing ad metrics. It also allows advertisers to create their own custom metrics that they prefer to see. Read More on Social Media Today.

Will personalization’s role in marketing shrink as challenges grow?

80% of marketers are predicted to stop using personalization by 2025, according to a report from Gartner. Loss of ROI and issues with managing customer data are the two main reasons why marketers may start moving away from personalization. In the report, they found that, “27% of marketers feel data is the main obstacle to effective personalization because of issues with data collection, integration and protection,” according to Marketing Dive. A drop in customer trust is another factor that makes personalization less appealing. Read the full article on Marketing Dive.

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