10 Rules Of Brand Development

Jerome Conlon | Branding Strategy Insider

As marketers we know, a unique position and identity in the marketplace is required for brands to leverage and develop brand equity into new value or to command an orchestrated, sustainable, competitive advantage upon which to build reliable long-term success. As markets and cultures evolve, so too must the art of brand development. At this point in time there are ten rules to brand development:

1. Brand Planners now know they need to do inner work to develop a clear & compelling Brand Platform (this precedes advertising).

2. The Brand Platform is a codification of the positioning strategy, core values and purpose of the brand.

3. Higher Meaning related to the brand’s purpose is created and communicated through internal storytelling, narratives, ads and branded content in social media.

4. Over time new brand associations are uncovered and discovered then attached to the brands image through its storytelling prowess.

5. A Brand Mantra or Essence is identified (internally), to keep the brand focused and to inspire creativity around a common theme. But, the mantra is generally not the ad tagline. It’s a three word centering phrase that codifies the core values of the brand. Examples include; Nike: Authentic Athletic Performance, Starbucks: Rewarding Everyday Moments and Disney: Fun Family Entertainment

6. Investments are made in crafting the identity value of the brand. But, smart brands know there are distinctions between a simple identity, a charismatic persona and admirable character.

7. Brand Experience is crafted around some kind of ideal.

For the remaining three points on the 10 Rules of Brand Development, check out the full article on BrandingStrategyInsider.com.

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