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Crescent Cardboard
Crescent Cardboard, the nation’s leading manufacturer and marketer of mat boards and art products, serves artists and framers in the United States and across the globe. Due to a steep drop in the number of independently owned frame shops, Crescent was forced to shift its sales team’s focus to larger corporate clients and rely on distributors to sell its products into independent frame shops. This left a gap in brand messaging to set Crescent apart from its competitors. That’s when Stevens & Tate Marketing entered the picture.
The first item on the drawing board was to uncover Crescent’s key competitive advantages and pen them in a way that employees and distributors could easily voice. Once the language was established, Stevens & Tate communicated the message out to frame shop owners through a serious of inbound and outbound marketing efforts. To attract visitors to the Crescent website, we revamped the copy to be more SEO friendly while adding relevant content to address the specific needs of frame shop owners. We then implemented a blog program with topics that highlighted Crescent’s reasons to buy to keep them engaged. This content was repurposed for lead nurturing emails sent to the client’s database and social media posts, as well. To drive new leads, we partnered with the industry’s leading trade publication to execute emails, run advertisements and publish articles. This combination of public relations, reach out media and inbound marketing allowed Crescent to stay top-of-mind with frame shops without taxing the resources of its sales team.

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