Competitive Advantages Discovery Leads To Launch Of Carstens’ “A Roo For You” Campaign

Carstens, Inc., one of the nation’s top suppliers of patient record keeping solutions in the healthcare industry, has launched the new “A Roo For You” marketing campaign to promote its WALLAroo© and WALKAroo™ brands.

The campaign was developed by Lombard, Illinois-based Stevens & Tate Marketing. The full-service advertising agency was retained last year by Carstens to evaluate how the company and its products were perceived in today’s changing healthcare marketplace.

“Our first responsibility was to truly understand Carstens’ strengths, opportunities and compelling selling proposition,” said Dan Gartlan, Stevens & Tate president. “So we held a ‘competitive advantages discovery’ session with the client.”

The daylong collaborative meeting brought together all levels of the Carstens’ organization for a deep dive into each participant’s views of the company’s products, services, customers, and reputation. It allowed Stevens & Tate—as well as the client—to gain perspective on what sets Carstens apart from the competition.

John Pierson, senior director of sales and marketing, spearheaded the project for Carstens.

“After taking the reigns, my goal was to get back on track and engage our target audiences in ways that are relevant—today,” he said. “We quickly realized that the marketplace had an antiquated perception of our solutions.”

“We walked away with some very powerful insight, which in turn led to new branding that capitalized on Carstens’ recognizable position in certain categories and expanded that to other business units,” said Gartlan.

In particular, Stevens & Tate took the established wall-mounted workstation brand—the WALLAroo©—and re-energized it while establishing a separate category for the mobile carts—the WALKAroo™ line.

The competitive advantages discovery had the added benefit of moving product development forward, as well. The Carstens team came out of the session with a renewed appreciation for the value of the WALLAroo© name. As a result, engineers and designers recommitted to the brand and found ways to make the products relevant for today’s healthcare environment. All new wall-mounted workstations are now categorized under the WALLAroo© brand, including those that incorporate modern technology such as the Isonas advanced access control system.

Beyond innovation…category creation is just one of Carstens’ ?key strengths. The other compelling messages that Stevens & Tate penned include: individualized solutions based on individual needs; over 70% of hospitals rely on Carstens; nimble in process, reliable in execution; supporting clients, their way; and passion for the patient experience.

“Together, these unique competitive advantages paint the complete picture of what specifically distinguishes Carstens in the marketplace, and are the pillars that support the brand’s overall promise,” said Gartlan. “While a competitor may be able to claim a similar statement, no other company can claim all six.”

Based in Chicago, Ill., Carstens was founded more than 125 years ago and became a pioneer putting patient information and medication dispensing at the point of care with customized records systems and workstations. As the healthcare industry evolves, Carstens continues to expand its line of EHR support products, offering innovative solutions for paper based record keeping as well as the integration of electronic solutions at point-of-patient care. All made in the USA, Carstens’ products are designed to enhance communication and increase interaction between clinicians and patients at the point of care. Contact: (800) 782-1524 or

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Stevens & Tate Marketing is a full-service advertising agency offering award-winning, on-strategy creative; integrated message development; and cost-effective media planning and execution. The team creates targeted solutions for brand consistency, converting leads to customers, and web design and development. To learn more about how Stevens & Tate can help Make Things HappenTM for your business, call (630) 627-5200.