website redesign checklist

Website Redesign Checklist For 2016

Your website is not just an accessory, it is an extension of your brand. For the best results, websites constantly need to be adjusted, added to, and improved upon, based on trends, consumer behavior, and website performance. Here is a six-step website redesign checklist to help you make sure your website is ready to be competitive and work for your brand in 2016. Read more

50 powerful call to action phrases

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about empowering potential customers. It provides a shift in marketing tactics that can make a real difference in how consumers react to a company. Inbound strives to create marketing that people will love. The goal of inbound marketing is to give consumers content that will be helpful to them, rather than simply giving them a sales pitch. The following are some inbound marketing benefits.

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Social Network Social Media People Meeting Communication Concept

Social Media Campaigns for Attracting Prospects and Generating Leads

Becoming a part of the conversation in today’s evolving social world is not only a smart marketing tactic, it’s absolutely essential. It increases awareness of your brand, builds relationships, facilitates outside interaction, allows you to stay connected with your customers and leverage brand advocates, promotes your content online, and so much more. But how does it fit into an Inbound Marketing strategy? Read more

7 Big Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing in Chicago

Digital marketing in Chicago is always a competitive industry. Read Mary Meeker’s article on Annual Internet Trends to keep ahead of the curve.

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report is one of the most closely watched reports in the tech industry, and this year’s presentation underscores the growth of mobile, particularly on social platforms that now control the bulk of ad spending and time spent by users.

Here’s a look at seven of the most interesting stats in Meeker’s more than 200-slide deck presented at Re/code’s Code Conference today.

1. Desktop ad revenue is relatively flat, while mobile is exploding Read more

award winning package design

Stevens & Tate Marketing Develops Award-Winning Package Designs For Three New Brands

(LOMBARD, IL) – Stevens & Tate Marketing continues to make an impact in the retail space with award-winning brand development for national retailers. The Lombard, Illinois agency was recognized with three 2016 “American Package Design Awards” from Graphic Design USA for Walgreens’ in-store brands—WestLoop®, Living Solutions™ and Halloween.

According to Mark Beebe, Stevens & Tate’s partner and creative director, package design can have a significant impact on a consumer’s purchasing decision, and GD USA recognizes this. Read more