The Website Redesign Process

Everyone loves a fresh start, whether it consists of redecorating your home or redesigning your website. A website redesign can be a huge success or could fail terribly. That’s why it’s so important that your new website produces phenomenal results, such as enhance business opportunities and improve user experience. This is a two part series that deals with steps to redesign your website.

Part One: A Comprehensive Plan to a Website Redesign

Before you redesign your website, you’ll need to develop a website plan that implements the best modern website design practices. The best way to create a website plan is by dividing it into stages. The first two stages make up the planning stages, while the next five stages concern the actual design of the site.

Stage 1: Forming a Strategy

Stage 2: Creating a Website Plancall to action phrases

Part Two: Approaching a Modern Website Redesign Process

Once your website redesign plan is in place you can begin to focus on implementing, building, optimizing and launching a modern website design.

Stage 3: Implementing a Modern Website Design

Stage 4: Building Your Website

Stage 5: Optimizing Your Website

Stage 6: Launching Your Website

Stage 7: Analyzing Your New Website Design

Website Redesign Case Studies

Want to learn more about what we do at Stevens & Tate? Below are some case studies of clients we have worked with.

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Helpful Resources for Your Website Redesign

As you make your way through the website redesign process, it can be helpful to take a look at a variety of case studies and resources to ensure that you implement the best possible SEO and web design practices. The following are a handful of website redesign case studies and resources that we recommend you check out.

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Helpful resources for your website redesign

Marketing Tools

Gain a higher level of understanding about key industry trends, technology, consumer behaviors, media, and more. Here are just three of our many resources. For more resources, click here.

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