Top Obstacles Faced By a New Blogger

Author: Annetta Powell | July 16, 2013 | Business 2 Community

The Quest for Building Awareness

Business-oriented blogging eventually makes it important to gain recognition among followers, target audience, and similar bloggers within the industry or field of specialization. But reaching this level is no less than an obstacle for new bloggers, mainly because it requires time, patience, hard work, and determination. This means that you should set out on your blogging journey with a clear mindset about the efforts you will have to make to become widely recognized after a period of time.

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4 Keys to User-Friendly Web Design

Author: Laura Spencer | July 2, 2013 | Vandelay Design

Having a user-friendly website is as important as having a beautiful original website design. Sadly, in our pursuit of excellence it’s all too easy to forget about usability and focus instead on aesthetics and originality.

Yet it’s the right combination of beauty, uniqueness, AND a user-friendly design that keeps our clients coming back for more. That’s because a usable website draws and retains readers, making them much more likely to become customers.

Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting about the end user experience when you design a client website.

What makes a website user-friendly? In this post, I identify four keys that will make any website design more user-friendly. Keep these handy tips in mind to design a more usable site.

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When In the Windy City, Do as the Chicagoans Do.

There is something to be said for Chicago natives. For as much as we hate the city sometimes, we love it twice as much.

Saying where you’re from comes with a sense of dignity unique to the Windy City. Your El stop is a badge of honor. The Sears Tower will always be the Sears Tower and Comiskey will never be called “The Cell.” We laugh when people get confused over the concept of neighborhoods, and pride ourselves even more on the one we call home. We stay away from Navy Pier like the plague and will never be caught dead taking reflection pictures with the Bean—again.

To natives, Chicago is more than a city. It’s home.

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