Victoria’s Secret on Marketing

It has been since 1995 that Victoria’s Secret figured out a big advertising secret.

First, let’s look at the Victoria’s Secret corporation because this is big business.  Victoria’s Secret is an American retailer of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. Sales have surpassed $5 billion dollars. It is now known for its annual fashion show, catalogs and bringing models to the forefront.

When the Annual Fashion Show began November 19th on CBS primetime, it marked the 15th year of the longest commercial ever. It pulled in ten million viewers. Not only was this selling Christmas ideas for men, but the in between 30 second commercials – sold to women. It’s a smart buy to captivate your demographics by making a show, posting it on prime time and showing Victoria’s Secret’s Runaway Angels displaying the next models to come.

I know Victoria’s Secret understands the value of marketing and inventing a category that never existed. Then add a sprinkle of Kate Perry and Akon singing to promote themselves, and mix the $2 million dollar bra that featured 1,542 carats of white diamonds, blue sapphires and blue topaz, all set in 18-carat white gold and you have a wonderful start to a viral social media campaign. The website then boost a new category called “Fashion Show: Supermodel Essentials” to tie in what you are seeing.

The show is not live but the illusion that it is, almost convinced their audience to vote “live” last year to find the next Victoria’s Secret Angel Super Model. They got wise and nixed that concept this year. It’s not live because so much can go wrong when you are wearing next to nothing and the editing is fast and furious.

The only issue left is a moral issue – should the show post a later time slot? Many tweets and blogs were invented on this very issue. VS is pushing the envelope on how far they can push their products each show and make the longest commercial since infomercials were brought into America in 1949.

Think of the possibilities of a YouTube channel for your product(s). How could this concept be brought to your demographics? Talk to your agency and see how far you can move your meter on viral marketing. Explore What category can you invent to propel sales? Check out for pushing the limits. Advertising is endless, timing is everything.  Harry Truman once said, “It doesn’t matter how big a ranch you own, or how many cows you brand, the size of your funeral is still gonna depend on the weather”

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