B2B Customer Experience

4 Strategies For Improving Your B2B Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX), involves these three key elements: people, process and technology to understand, anticipate and deliver exceptional personalized experiences. The simple truth is that the core driver of consumer behavior isn’t product features or price, it’s perception.

Today, B2C, B2B, and customer experience are all blending together. Each is important for making your brand sell, but the experience has become one hot button in the last year. It even has its own summit this May in Denver.

Here are four key ways to improve your B2B customer experience.

People like to be lead by example.

Leadership needs to be the driver of CX success. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Drive it down and make it part of your organizational values.

Always be thinking of the customer.

The wants, needs and expectations of the customer should influence decisions your brand makes daily. This may be reverse engineering in your company, but its the most important discussions you can have.

Share conversations with your customer.

This is a way for all departments to collaborate on effective action plans using customer insights. When you are dealing with businesses and individuals within those businesses, they are giving you intel that needs to be shared.

Make sure your employees have the tools.

The best way to make your customers happy are to reward them with better expectations of your product in real time. Train employees to deliver greater experiences.

Ultimately, the best processes, that will make the most sense for your business, will be determined by your customers.

Most purchase research is done on search and social. Selection of the product is done on mobile. Purchasing is completed on the Web. Use of the product is done In-Store. Call centers are used once the product is purchased and social is where you are recommended.

Most business customers are willing to pay 30% more for a product or service that guarantees improved customer experience. And if you really want to change your perception; 60% of business customers consider third-party sites and feedback from business partners, industry peers and social channels more important than conversations with salespeople when considering a purchase.

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