What’s Trending in Marketing For February 2024

Welcome to our February 2024 edition of “What’s Trending,” where we bring you the most relevant marketing trends and insights. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our collection of marketing trends and reports for the start of the 2024 year.

2024’s Super Bowl

One of the nations traditions is sitting with loved ones and watching the yearly super bowl game. For this year, after a nerve wrecking game for both teams in the super bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers. The intensity of the competition, marked by strategic plays and jaw-dropping moments, truly embodied the spirit of the Super Bowl, leaving the score a very close one to a 25-22. With the amazing half time shows provided from the artists, Usher, Alicia Keys, H.E.R. and more, we can’t forget about the amazing super bowl commercials that everyone waited for. With it being $7 million for a 30-second commercial, some of these brands gave these 30 seconds their all. If you’ve missed any of these commercials and are interested in watching them, click here.

Influencer Marketing and TikTok Shop

Influencer marketing is still one of the top ways for brands to find a way to advertise their products to consumers. TikTok, one of the most famous platforms all around the globe, is not only for Gen Z’s anymore. TikTok creators of all ages, and brands have transformed into a way of marketing and advertising. By sending consistent PR packages to all the creators with higher reaching views, it allows the product to sell more, and the brand to be known. To make the consumers experience even easier, TikTok created something new called “TikTok shop.” This TikTok shop is a way for consumers to easily be able to access a link on the advertisement video they watch, and it’ll immediately direct them to purchase the product from TikTok, instead of having to go on another app and search for the brand and products. This has made it a lot more sufficient and easier for the consumer to make their purchase, as well as the attention is draws to the brand. So, it’s kind of a very clever kill two birds with one stone situation. Read more here.

CarMax’s New Ad Campaign

CarMax started this year off strong with their new ad campaign. Something different, new, and innovative. They took a different approach to empower their car advertisements. Taking the clever approach of keeping in mind the new advertisement trends going around in 2024, CarMax made sure to use those trends sufficiently. Some of these trends include, transparency in consumer experience, empowering car buyers, and most importantly humor in advertising. Read more about these trends here.


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BuildX Conference – Women in Construction 2024

The Madison Area Builders Association, Milwaukee Metropolitan Builders Association, and NARI of Madison are collaborating to organize the BuildX conference, a one-day event focused on empowering women in the construction industry. The session will explore fundamental principles of social media marketing, emphasizing the importance of understanding target demographics, creating compelling content, and building authentic connections with followers. Attendees will gain actionable insights and practical tips to enhance their social media presence, drive engagement, and increase leads. The presentation aims to equip both seasoned marketers and those new to social media for sales with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the competitive digital landscape. Read more here.

Empowering and Transforming Digital Marketing With AI

AI is transforming digital marketing by providing personalized experiences and offering cost-effective solutions. With this new innovative technology, the evolvement of digital marketing in the industry is becoming empowered. To explore with us AI’s impact on digital marketing which includes new tailored content, predictive analysis, automated customer service, enhanced lead generation, and a lot more, click here to read.

Six Cost Effective Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Brand

It is very common for new businesses to steer away from marketing tactics because they think it’s very costly. However, there are plenty cost-effective marketing strategies that will help with your businesses success. A few of these strategies include blogging, mailing lists, online marketing sites, calls to action, press releases, videos, and more. To learn more about these cost effective marketing strategies to help grow your brand further, click here.

If you have missed the top 5 marketing trends for this new year, don’t worry, here’s a summary. With the new Apple vision pro, that brings up many questions about virtual reality in marketing. VR in marketing is turning into a way of saving yourself a trip to go check new furniture for your home, when you can just have a walk through the place through the virtual reality. It is making things more efficient for everyone especially since the reality of our world is digital. Want to learn about more marketing trends you might’ve missed? Click here.

The Best Brands on TikTok

As we have already established, TikTok is becoming the new platform for social media marketing. Brands and businesses have realized that, and are moving their focus on TikTok. A few brands are killing it with their marketing strategies and advertisements on the platform, and here are a few examples to help you take away a few important things from them. Chipotle, The Washington Post, Duolingo, and more, have all found ways to reach the right audience with their tactics. To see what these brands did, click here.

If you’re looking for new b2b marketing trends for the new year, look no more. With everyone finding way to AI in marketing, b2b marketing has found one too. AI helps making b2b digital marketing more efficient and effective. Google came out with several new AI features for Google Ads. To learn more about other platforms helping b2b marketing with AI, click here.