Ray Ban Stays Brand Loyal

I’ve decided I want to a new pair of sunglasses. And not just any old sunglasses – I want Ray Bans! Of course I do. If I haven’t mentioned it before I will now – I am a slave to packaging. I love marketing and I will buy anything that is packaged and marketed well.

Now there are things in my life that I will spend money on, but sunglasses have never been one of them. I don’t take care of them. I leave them in my purse without protection and they get all scratched up. I like different looks so I like to buy lots of different kinds of sunglasses and then toss them around.

But I decided recently that I want a pair of Ray Bans. I want the classic Top Gun, Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels, 70’s style sunglasses. And why do I want these now? PRODUCT PLACEMENT.

They are everywhere! They have always been around, but recently they are in everything I watch. Now I just might be entering their demo, but I think more than that is that so many brands are now copying the style of Ray Bans and they are showing up in every magazine, television show and commercial that I see out there. And they got me! I want them.

And they are not all Ray Bans. But because Ray Ban has consistently branded this style of sunglasses to their name, I know, even if that is not the brand I am seeing, that is the brand I want to buy.

Consistency. Be true and stay loyal to your brand and you will get brand loyal customers. It took Ray Ban 30 years to get me to be brand loyal, but they have 30 more of a long time customer.