Using Video To Build Up Your Brand

More and more research is showing that more and more video is being consumed online. Not only that, but people are watching videos in their entirety, not just watching 30-seconds in and surfing away to other things. This is very encouraging news for marketers looking for an excuse to finally work video into their marketing efforts. Below is an excerpt from a recent article from iMedia Connection, sharing findings from Brightcove, a streaming video service provider.

From iMediaConnection:

In a first for any of the verticals explored in the report, and broadcasters experienced over 50 per cent in completion rates last quarter, with more videos being watched in their entirety across the board. Brands in particular witnessed a massive 98 per cent jump in engagement this quarter, securing viewings of 2:03 minutes on average, compared with 1:03 minutes during the previous quarter.

What the findings strongly suggest is an overall improvement in how brands are using online video, and an enhancement in the quality of content. Not only are consumers increasingly receptive to video content, but brands are readily experimenting in how to successfully connect with a target audience.

The research reveals a drastic increase in titles uploaded for newspapers, with quarter over quarter growth reaching 147 per cent and 1.2 million titles uploaded. The huge rise, for a second consecutive quarter, suggests that newspapers themselves are using video to transform their “brand”. We’re witnessing a transformation from newspapers into news broadcasters as they fully embrace video production and licensing to offer multimedia news coverage to audiences, recognizing its value in keeping audiences onsite for longer. Read the rest of this article here.

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