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Defining Your True Brand Story and Bringing it to Life Online

Today’s most well-known brands share a powerful marketing secret—its about connecting with customers on an emotional level and in a way that addresses their challenges. But how can you do this without pushing your ideas on prospects? Taking a true storytelling approach is the answer. Sharing your brand’s core values and competitive advantages in meaningful, memorable….

Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Strategy With Lead Nurturing

When it comes to marketing, many businesses focus on trying to attract as big of an audience as possible. The more awareness you generate, the more potential customers you’ll have, after all. However, it’s crucial that you don’t skip a step when it comes to generating leads. Just because your marketing efforts have successfully attracted….

How a Strong Public Relations (PR) Strategy Can Benefit Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Inbound marketing focuses heavily on increasing brand awareness and building brand trust. As such, people sometimes confuse inbound marketing strategies with public relations (PR) strategies. After all, public relations is about maintaining the integrity of your brand. However, they are actually different from one another — although they do depend heavily on each other for….

Why Hiring a Marketing Agency is Right for You

Success depends on marketing. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you cannot survive or grow unless you market your brand. Marketing does require a lot of time and effort to do effectively. Unfortunately, few businesses have the resources needed to maintain an in-house marketing team. It’s why many of them rely….

What Is The Difference? – CRM vs. Marketing Automation Strategy

Building a relationship with each customer is essential in today’s business world. Without that relationship, you simply aren’t going to have the sales needed to remain profitable. That is why both CRM (customer relationship marketing) and marketing automation strategies focus on building that relationship. Understanding how these strategies and systems complement one another helps businesses….