What’s Trending in Marketing For April 2020

It is important to be informed about what is going on in the marketing industry. Doing so is a great way to stay up to date and tweak your marketing strategies so you can stay ahead of the competition. The following articles are from popular marketing blogs and highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

How the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing brands to connect digitally

Because of COVID-19 and the nationwide stay-at-home orders, retailers are quickly switching up their marketing strategies by putting an emphasis on mobile technology and virtual appointments to keep their businesses operating. Doctors are conducting virtual consultations for their clients. Retailers are connecting with their customers online by hosting virtual lunches, happy hours, and outfit try-on sessions. Alex Fitzgerald, Manager of Consumer Practice, believes this will be an acceleration towards digital.

How working from home has thrown a wrench in campaign targeting

Working remotely has been helping businesses stay in operation as the world is going through this time of uncertainty. But for some businesses, it can be hard to make sense of data that may not be as reliable due to the shift in work environments. Working from home has made analytics and cookie data less reliable.

When your Google My Business listing becomes your lifeline

During COVID-19, Google My Business can turn into a business’s lifeline during this time of uncertainty and disruption. People normally use GMB to get info about store hours and customer reviews to learn about a business. During this pandemic, consumers are searching different topics such as “Are you open while we shelter in place?” and “Do you offer curbside delivery?” It is important during these times to keep your GMB up to date and provide useful, relevant information for consumers.

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Improving Your Marketing Program

7 Tips For Success When Working Remotely

If you are working remotely for the first time, making the adjustment can be challenging. It can be helpful to get tips and tricks on how to stay motivated and focused.  Other factors such as establishing a routine and maintaining a regular schedule are discussed. Check out the article for more advice on how to be as productive as possible.

8 Ways That You Can Improve Your SEO

It is important that you stay up to date with your SEO strategy. It is helpful to continually do keyword research to identify what keywords your target audience is using. This will also help give you a good rank. Other strategies such as updating your old content, monitoring backlinks, and tracking performance are all important factors that can help improve your SEO.

How Healthcare Content Marketing Companies Can Step Up In 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the nation, healthcare content marketing is more valued than ever before. It is important for healthcare companies to take advantage of their increased website traffic. The content they post should be reliable. It is helpful to create specific landing pages to route people to the right resources.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and TrendsMobile Marketing Strategy 1

30 Marketing Statistics to Consider for 2020

Keep up with what new research is telling us about the marketing industry. Learn the most recent statistics and what your company needs to know to stay updated with their social media, advertising, search marketing, and more.

Local ad revenue forecast contracts 10.6% due to coronavirus, study says

Local advertising revenue in the U.S. is expected to total $144.3 billion in 2020, which is a 10.6% decrease from the $161.3 billion previously forecasted. The new estimate shows a 3.6% decline from 2019 activity even with political advertising revenue of $7.1 billion expected this election year.

NFL Draft scores 55M viewers, breaking ratings records despite shift to virtual format

This year’s NFL Draft saw ratings up 16% year-on-year despite the shift to a virtual format due to the coronavirus pandemic. The draft broke ratings records as the number of viewers increased each day.

marketing trends 1

What’s Trending In Marketing For March 2020

With the Coronavirus halting many events, knowing about current and recent marketing trends, is essential. Now more than ever, it’s important to know how to reach out to your customers, in creative ways that were previously not thought of . As a result, the following articles come from popular marketing blogs and highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Four Tips to Guaranteeing B2B Buyer Loyalty in 2020

Brandon Spear, President at MSTS, shows how retailers and brands can ensure B2B buyer loyalty by creating efficient payment options, removing friction from the purchasing process, and fostering an omnichannel buying experience.  

Coronavirus Creating Disruption, Uncertainty for Digital Marketing Ecosystem

The news cycle has been dominated by discussion and speculation about the Coronavirus or COVID-19. That’s also true in the tech press, as major events cancel, and companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Uber say revenues will likely take a hit because of supply chain issues or declining customer demand.

How Coronavirus (Covid-19) is Impacting Small Business and What You Can Do About It

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) is developing rapidly, leaving many small business owners uncertain about their future. Many expect the coronavirus to have a significant impact on their revenue, and these concerns are proven to be justified. Fortunately, there are some actions that you can take to protect your small business while at the same time, protecting yourself, your employees, and your customers.

Google My Business Temporarily Removes Features Due to COVID-19

As a result of limitations caused by the COVID-19 situation, Google is temporarily removing some features from Google My Business. For instance, Google My Business will not be publishing any new reviews, review replies, or new Q&A until further notice. While at the same time they prioritize reviewing new listings, claims, and verification’s for critical health related business.

Marketing in the Face of COVID-19: Senior Living Teams Get Creative

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the senior care industry in unimagined ways, and likely will for the foreseeable future. In spite of lockdowns and precautionary measures taken by operator and owners across the country, however senior living communities remain open for business-and sales and marketing teams are remaining busy but working in drastically different ways than usual.

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Improving Your Marketing Program

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Has your marketing campaign lost it’s edge? Maybe it’s because you haven’t introduced mobile. Mobile Marketing is proving to be the fastest, easiest, and most accessible form of marketing today. Seniors, adults, and even teenagers, have had experience dealing with mobile marketing in some shape or form. As a result, nearly every company can benefit from a mobile marketing strategy.

The Importance of Having a Professional Web Design 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, you need a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re without a doubt going to lose out on a lot of potential customers. This is because simply having a website, is one of the most effective ways to generate awareness of your business. However, you will want to have a professionally designed website to ensure that it’s technically sound, visually appealing, and user friendly.

Email Marketing Metrics You Should Keep In Mind & What They Mean 

Email marketing was one of the earliest forms of inbound marketing- and it’s continued to be one of the most widely used due to how cost cost-efficient and effective the strategy is. If you’re implementing an email marketing campaign, then it’s important that you keep track of certain email marketing metrics. That way you can judge how your campaign is performing and identify what is and isn’t working.

5 Mobile Marketing Techniques To Build Your Ecommerce Brand Marketing Trends 2

Whether your company is just starting up or has reached or has reached the point of maintaining a well-established customer-base, it’s important to stay up to date with the most current marketing trends and techniques for your ecommerce business. Therefore, structuring structuring and launching an ecommerce website, is a milestone achievement for any brand.

5 Reasons to Use Hubspot

 There are a lot of marketing platforms out there that can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating, managing, and tracking your marketing and sales efforts. Out of these platforms, Hubspot is one of the very best. The following article contains five reasons to consider using Hubspot as one of your main inbound marketing tools.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Coronavirus and E-Commerce: It’s Complicated

The assumption that Coronavirus, social distancing, and staying home will boost e-commerce is widely held among digital marketing experts. However, early findings suggest that the reality of the situation will be somewhat more complicated.

Coronavirus: Emarketer lowers Global Ad Spend Projections for 2020

Worldwide ad spending is still expected to grow compared to last year, says research firm eMarketers, but it has lowered its growth expectations by 3%. Worldwide media ad spend will increase by 7.0% to $6.91.7 billion in 2020 over the prior year, down from the earlier growth estimate of 7.4% to $712.02 billion. The updated spend projections, include digital, directories as well as print, out-of-home, TV and radio advertising.

YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare Metrics Side by Side

YouTube is upgrading its analytics capabilities, allowing creators to compare multiple metrics side-by-side for the first time. This update specifically pertains to data in the ‘deep dive’ section of the YouTube analytics dashboard. The ‘deep dive’ section appears after clicking on “see more” next to any of the metrics on the overview screen.

Real-time Digital Insights & Automation: Powering Digital Marketer’s Performance

Last year digital marketers wasted an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies. While there are many different reasons and ways in which these marketing strategies have underperformed, the most common belief is the inability to keep up with modern consumer behavior. In this article, we’ll take a good look at two areas of great opportunity: real-time insights and real-time automation, and how they help you tackle these challenges head on.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. To help you stay ahead of the curve, this article will help you outline the bet digital marketing trends of 2020. For instance, video marketing is and always has been a reliable way of staying in touch with those who are far away. With hosting videos becoming easier and easier, each year sees more successful and ambitious branded videos online.

Marketing Trends 1

Whats Trending in Marketing For February 2020

Being informed about current and recent marketing trends, is an excellent tool for advertisers to have. That way, you can evaluate past strategies and find new ways to stay ahead of the competition. We’re aware that keeping up with these trends can often be difficult. As a result, the following articles come from popular marketing blogs and highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Top 10 Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

Right now, voice searches are used for simple queries like an address, calendar reminders, or song title. But as user needs expand and grow more complex, so must voice search features, and so must optimization. Exceptional customer experience is leading the way in marketing, shifting focus onto inbound strategies for serving and retaining existing customers. When customers share their enjoyable experience or outstanding service, their reviews are more likely than ads to impact new buyer behavior and marketing trends.

Google Ads enable bids simulator for target ROAS, budget simulator for Maximize clicks, conversions

Google is extending the availability of bid and budget simulators to more smart bidding strategies. The bid simulator has only been available for manual and Target CPA bidding. It’s now available for Target ROAS campaign. The simulators can be helpful directional indicators of the potential performance impact from making bid or budget adjustments. As always, keep in mind the projections are based on historical data and actual future performance can (and often does) vary from these projections.

Facebook Introduces 3 New Ad Reporting Tools

Facebook is making it easier for advertisers to measure ad performance across accounts, channels, and publishers. With this data, advertisers can better understand how ads are performing, which demographics they’re reaching, and where the most conversions are coming from. Cross-Account Reporting, Custom Metrics, and Conversion Path Reporting are all viable options that are explored in depth as Facebook continues to evolve its measurement solutions to address the priorities of potential marketers.

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Improving Your Marketing Program

6 Social Media Trends To Follow in 2020

At this point in time, every business with an inbound marketing strategy should have a social media presence of some sort. Social media is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your target audience. You can engage directly with them and learn more about what their wants and needs are. However, social media is constantly evolving. Which means that you need to keep up with all the latest social media trends, so that you don’t fall behind the competition.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs B2B Inbound Marketing

There are many B2B companies that continue to advertise using more traditional methods, such as TV commercials, magazine ads, cold calls, and more. While traditional marketing can be effective, it’s a good idea to implement a variety of different marketing strategies. This includes inbound marketing.

The Advantages of Using Public Relations in Your Marketing Strategy 

As most know, when it comes to marketing strategy, public relations plays a key role in getting the word out.PR helps maintain your reputation through winning audience approval. It can educate all possible consumers and sway them to your point of view. It even helps to provide the target market with more detailed information than they would normally receive from other forms of marketing. Simply put, these public relations advantages should be on the forefront of every marketer’s agenda

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends Marketing Trends 2

Vast majority of Amazon advertisers plan to spend more on ads again this year

According to a Marketing Land survey of digital advertisers, 81% of current advertisers plan to increase their ad spend on the platform in the coming year. Of those planning to increase their Amazon ad budgets 41% said they plan to spend as much as 25% more than the previous six to 12 months. 22% plan increases of 25 to 50%, and 10% expect Amazon budgets to increase by 50% or more.

B2B buyers consume an average of 13 content pieces before deciding on a vendor

We know that content is incredibly important for ranking in search. It’s also critical for sales support. But this report makes clear there are broad ranges of first and third party content types that are highly influential to B2B buyers. It also shows how critical the vendor website is in the buying process. Indeed, the report basically outlines a content strategy for the entire B2B buyer’s journey.

Marketers struggle to stay ahead of technology advancements

When asked how difficult it will be over the coming year to stay ahead of new technological advancements, remain competent across multiple programs and avoid long-term experience debt, 88% of CMO consultants surveyed by executive service firm Chief Outsiders said it would be difficult — with 10% claiming it will be “very” difficult.

The survey included a relatively small pool of CMO consultants. However it underscores a primary challenge faced by marketing leaders; CMOs are taking on more responsibilities while playing catch-up with the technology available to propel growth.

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social media trends 1

6 Social Media Trends To Follow In 2020

At this point in time, every business with an inbound marketing strategy should have a social media presence of some sort. Social media is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your target audience. You can engage directly with them and learn more about what their wants and needs are. However, social media is constantly evolving. Which means that you need to keep up with all the latest social media trends. In doing so, you make sure that your presence is felt and that you don’t fall behind the competition. With that in mind, the following are six social media trends in 2020 worth implementing yourself:

1. Find More Impactful Influencers

Influencer marketing continues to thrive. Building relationships with influencers can help expose your brand to a huge audience. However, more and more so-called “influencers” have popped up over the last few years. And as a result, make it difficult to identify actual influencers. Don’t make the mistake of trying to build a relationship with an influencer based on their number of followers. Many of these “fake” influencers won’t be able to help you at all. Focus more on finding influencers who actually have sway over their followers, no matter how many they have. Many brands are focusing on nano-influencers, which are influencers who may only have a few thousand followers but who actually have significant influence over their audience.

social media trends 22. Focus On Video Content

Brands are continuing to focus on the creation of video content as it continues to be incredibly effective. Not only are short videos easier to consume on mobile devices than other types of content, but people are more visual creatures that retain information better when it’s presented in a video format. On top of that, YouTube currently boasts the second most active users behind only Facebook. While channels like Instagram are continuously looking to improve their video features. As such, you should focus on creating professional-quality video content for your target audience.

3. Curate Customer Created Content

Encouraging customers to create content that’s relevant to your business not only helps to strengthen your content strategy in general (and provides you with fresh content that helps increase brand awareness on your behalf), but it’s also a great way to boost customer participation and engagement. Many brands encourage their followers to post pictures on Instagram showcasing the use of their product with a specific hashtag. For example, the eyeglasses brand Zenni encouraged its customers to post photos wearing their new glasses under the hashtag #justgotmyzennis.

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4. Take Advantage Of FOMO

People on social media (and life in general) tend to have a “fear of missing out” or FOMO. This means that posting content that can only be accessed for a specific amount of time can help to attract more views. For example, webinars that people have to register for or ephemeral content in the form of Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories that will disappear forever. Many followers will check in regularly to make sure that they don’t miss out on content that’s only going to be around for a day, allowing you to drive more engagement and keep your brand at the top of mind as a result.

5. Consider More Niche Social Channels

Most companies stick to major social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to name a few. However, there are hundreds of other social channels out there that might be worth incorporating into your social media strategy. Specifically, social channels that cater to a certain niche that’s relevant to your brand. By establishing a presence on such a channel, you’ll be able to target a much more specific audience to greater success than on channels like Facebook that essentially cater to everyone. For example, TikTok tends to be more youth-oriented but has exploded in popularity amongst the younger demographic (it’s a social platform similar to the now-defunct Vine), while Twitch is a streaming platform catering to videogamers.

6. Invest More Into Social Media Commerce

Social media is thought of as a strategy that helps improve customer engagement and that can drive leads to your website; however, it’s potential to be used as a platform to generate sales is increasing year by year. Channels like Facebook and Pinterest have been used for years now to sell products; however, social commerce has increased to the point where it may soon become just as effective a source of sales as website ecommerce pages and offline stores. As such, you may want to consider incorporating social commerce into your sales strategy going forward.

These are six social media trends that you should keep a close eye on in 2020 and that you may want to consider adopting for your own inbound marketing and sales strategies.

Integrating Social Media & SEO Efforts For Enhanced Search Engine Results
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What’s Trending in Marketing for January 2020

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends, given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Pinterest announced their new tool, Pinterest Trends, which shows the top searches among its pinboards from the last 12 months. It also includes data on when top searches reach their peak. This new tool will help marketers on Pinterest track trends for their campaigns. They also published their Pinterest 100 report which marketers can use for insight on possible consumer behavior in 2020. Read more on Mobile Marketer.

Pandora is asking users to say ‘yes’ to interactive audio ads

Pandora is testing audio ads that have users interact verbally before the rest of the ad is played. The ads will appear on-screen as well. Pandora partnered with multiple brands to create entertaining audio ads that they think listeners will be likely to interact with. Users are informed from the beginning of the ad about the type of ad it is and they are then prompted to verbally engage with the ad. If they choose not to, the music playback continues after a few seconds. This new development could give marketers more data on their audio ad campaigns. Marketing Land has the full story here.

Google now shows carousels of reviews on local business profiles

Local businesses with high quality reviews will now see their reviews shown in a carousel format on Google. This is the first time google reviews have ever been shown in a scrollable carousel format. Businesses with mostly positive reviews will benefit from this new development as it makes reviews easier to see. Users no longer have to scroll down or click “see all reviews” to see multiple review excerpts. Find out more on Search Engine Land.

Improving Your Marketing Program

The Rising Importance of Voice Search Marketing

Search marketing has long been a primary focus in the marketing strategies of many businesses. A good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help increase your website’s exposure and bring in more organic traffic from search engines. However, as technology has advanced, search engines have as well. Keywords are not the only way that users perform search queries anymore. Voice search is quickly becoming a priority for search engines, especially with the rising popularity of virtual assistants, such as Alexa and Siri. As such, you will need to adapt your search marketing strategy to include a voice search strategy.

4 Tips on How to Leave Lasting Impressions on Customers 

If you want to leave lasting impressions on your customers, you have to do more than sell them a service. Making their experience with your brand comfortable and enjoyable keeps them coming back over and over again. Giving customers individual attention and making them feel like you truly care about their needs will help them remember your business the next time they need your services. When it comes to leaving positive lasting impressions, the job does not end once they’re loyal to your business. You have to continue giving them positive experiences every time you’re in contact. Keep the following four tips in mind when interacting with your customers.

Customer Experience vs User Experience: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to building your website and providing the best possible customer service, it’s all about creating a positive experience that will help increase conversions, retain customers, and improve your brand reputation. You may refer to this experience as the “customer experience” or the “user experience”. However, these two types of experience are not actually the same thing. Knowing the differences between the two is very important. This is because by knowing the differences between customer experience vs user experience, you will be able to improve both.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Instagram influencer marketing activity jumps 48%, study finds

This year, influencer marketing activity has grown 48% as the number of posts with the #ad hashtag grew to more than 3 million. When posts include #ad, it indicates the post is sponsored. More and more brands are partnering with social media personalities to reach the younger generations, according to a study by Klear. 54% of Instagram influencer content was made by millennials, but only 34% of Instagram users are in that age group. More about the study can be found on Mobile Marketer

Facebook Launches Cross-Account Reporting and Custom Ad Metrics

Facebook now has new ad performance measurement options in Ad Manager. Of you manage  more than one Facebook ad account, you can now view the overall ad performance rather than having to look at each separate account. This new feature should save advertisers time when analyzing ad metrics. It also allows advertisers to create their own custom metrics that they prefer to see. Read More on Social Media Today.

Will personalization’s role in marketing shrink as challenges grow?

80% of marketers are predicted to stop using personalization by 2025, according to a report from Gartner. Loss of ROI and issues with managing customer data are the two main reasons why marketers may start moving away from personalization. In the report, they found that, “27% of marketers feel data is the main obstacle to effective personalization because of issues with data collection, integration and protection,” according to Marketing Dive. A drop in customer trust is another factor that makes personalization less appealing. Read the full article on Marketing Dive.

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What’s Trending in Marketing for December 2019

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends, given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Snapchat Readies 2020 News Push

Snapchat created a news channel that focuses solely on the 2020 democratic debates and gives the presidential candidates more visibility. Candidates can use the channel to promote their campaigns. The content appears in the Discover section of Snapchat around the time of debates and features content from the candidates, news sources and some user content. Not only does this give candidates another platform to promote their campaigns on, but it also gives Snapchat users more access to political information. Read more on Axios.

Brands on Twitter Can Now Hide Replies to Tweets

Twitter now allows brands to choose which replies to their tweets they want to hide. If users still want to see the hidden replies they can tap the gray icon that appears on the hidden tweet. This change helps give brands control over the discussion that happens in replies to their tweets, including spam tweets or irrelevant comments. However, brands need to be careful of hiding too many replies as users may want to see them to find out more information about the original tweet. Marketing Land has the full story here.

Verizon, Snapchat to Develop 5G AR Ads and Experiences 

Verizon Communications Inc and Snap Inc are partnering to create 5G augmented reality (AR) features at Verizon’s labs. With this deal, Snapchat will be preloaded on select 5G phones. Augmented reality features are already a huge contributor to Snapchat’s popularity. 5G AR will allow users and advertisers to view digital objects in the real world using Snapchat. These updates could bring major changes to the user experience. Find out more on RCR Wireless News.

Improving Your Marketing Program

5 Noteworthy User Generated Content Examples & Benefits

Content marketing is an essential component of any successful online marketing strategy. The success of your content marketing depends on a variety of factors. Your content has to be relevant, informative, and of high quality. However, it also has to be varied. Creating content takes a lot of effort and it can sometimes be a challenge to create content that’s both new and exciting. One type of content that you should focus on is user generated content. User generated content adds to your content’s variety and provides benefits. Before going into some user generated content examples, it’s important that you understand what those benefits are.

Using Organic Marketing to Reach Your Audience

There are many ways to go about marketing your business. Paid marketing (such as through the use of Google AdWords or Facebook Ads) can be effective, but there’s only so much you can do with it, as it’s more short-term oriented. You’ll want to implement more organic marketing strategies. Organic marketing is a way to generate more traffic to your website in a more natural, unforced manner. Additionally, anything that you don’t directly spend money on can be considered organic. Of course, it’s worth noting that all marketing costs money in one way or another. However, there are a lot of benefits to using organic marketing that go beyond the cost.

The Power of Social Media Influencers: Why it Works

At this point in time, most businesses are well aware of the power of social media. According to Statista, roughly 79 percent of the American population has a social media profile, which accounts for almost 247 million people. However, simply having a social media presence isn’t enough. If you really want to take advantage of all that social media has to offer, you have to take advantage of the power of social media influencers. The use of social media influencers can help boost your brand’s reputation while also exposing your brand to an even bigger audience.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates and Trends

Everything’s Going Live

Data from Vivid Seats shows that the number of live TV related events greatly increased over the last few years. The total number of live TV events grew from 348 in 2012 to 1,559 in 2019. The success of these events shows how popular tv shows and characters really are. Podcast channels are also finding success with live events. Food programs and adult shows such as Game of Thrones and The Bachelor tend to do well with their live shows. TV personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil have success with their live audiences as well. More about the study can be found on Axios.

Engagement Window Shortens for Holiday Email Marketing, Study Finds

An analysis by Yes Marketing found that marketers will most likely have a shorter window to engage consumers during the holidays, based on conversion rate data from 2018. The average conversion rate on holiday-themed campaigns dropped from 6.1% in November to 3.1% in December. In November 2018, 26% of Black Friday email messages were sent before Nov. 19. Marketers may need to shift holiday campaigns earlier in order to get the best results. They also found that emails with no specific deal mentioned in the subject line had the highest open rate for Christmas-themed emails. Read more on Marketing Dive.

Local Mobile, Social Ad Sales to Near $45B by 2024, Forecast Says

With the upcoming elections increasing media ad spending, local advertising is predicted to rise 5.8% to $161.3 billion in 2020, according to a forecast by BIA Advisory Services. 59% of local advertising will be made up of traditional media revenue, while the other 41% will consist of digital ad revenue. Meanwhile, political ad spending in local media channels will hit $6.58 billion. The predicted increase in political ad spending will create more competition with other marketers for audience viewing time. They anticipate over-the-top (OTT) local ad revenue to double from $1.06 billion next year to $2.13 billion in 2024. Also in 2024, they predict social and mobile ad sales to grow 51% to $44.6 billion in 2024. Read the full article on Marketing Dive.

17 SEO Myths
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Trending in Marketing

What’s Trending in Marketing For November 2019

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends, given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Responsive ads come to Facebook with Multiple Text Optimization

Facebook has a new responsive ad feature called Multiple Text Optimization. This feature allows advertisers to use a number of different headlines, copy and descriptions for one ad. They can also view the different ways their ad will appear on the platform. This addition to Facebook advertising helps companies see how different text combinations perform in a quick and easy way. Read more on Marketing Land

Welcome BERT: Google’s latest search algorithm to better understand natural language

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is the largest change to Google’s search system in almost five years. Now, 1 in 10 queries will be impacted by the change, meaning the query results will have a different rank. BERT is meant to understand natural language that humans are used to. Luckily, companies do not need to change their SEO techniques to optimize for BERT as there is no real way to do so. Instead, this change allows companies to focus more on creating content for real people than machines. Search Engine Land has the full story here.

FTC rules that selling followers and likes is illegal, along with posting fake reviews

In late October, the FTC fined Florida businessman German Calas, Jr. $2.5 million for selling “fake indicators of social media influence”. They also gave a warning to Sunday Riley and her employees to stop writing fake reviews of her company’s products on the Sephora website. The case with Calas could pave the way for similar cases against fake social engagement sellers, using his case as a precedent. This could mean more transparency about customer reviews and social media influencers for both consumers and businesses. Find out more on Social Media Today.

Improving Your Marketing Program

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Use

If you have a website for your business, then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with SEO (search engine optimization). You know how the use of keywords can help increase your site’s exposure on search engines. However, when it comes to digital marketing, SEO is not the only valid strategy. In fact, there are many types of digital marketing tactics that you should consider employing in order to boost awareness of your brand and bring in more web traffic. The following are a few examples of different types of digital marketing to consider implementing into your marketing strategy.

Why Brand Development Matters and How it Works 

brand developmentBranding is more than just creating a logo and slapping it on a website or the side of a van. Developing your brand takes time, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. Your brand makes you recognizable to consumers and without having it clearly established, your company becomes lost in the crowd. You want to impress your prospects and brand development does a lot of the work for you. Get ready to put your other projects aside, because right now, developing your brand matters most.

Planning a Website? Consider Growth-Driven Design 

A business without a website is practically unheard of in this day and age. Not having a website severely limits your ability to market your brand. However, designing and building a website can be more difficult than you might think. The traditional way of building a website requires that you figure out exactly what you want your website to have and then launching the completed version. The problem with this method is that you’ll end up having to redesign it after a few years. This is especially true if it turns out that your website isn’t very user-friendly or needs additional features. It’s one of the main reasons that many companies are opting to use Growth-Driven Design instead.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates and Trends

Facebook publishes new insights on how to connect with Gen Z consumers

As Gen Z grows older, marketing campaigns are beginning to switch the spotlight to them. In fact, Gen Z is already estimated to influence $143 billion in spending in the U.S., according to Facebook. Facebook’s report, “Getting to Know the ‘Me is We’ Generation” explores the traits of Gen Z that marketers will want to be informed about. Some key trends that matter to this generation include diversity, connectivity and causes that will benefit the greater good. More about the report can be found on Social Media Today.

Ad spending growth will accelerate to 6% worldwide in 2020, study says

Next year, global media spending will grow 6% to $656 billion, according to a report done by the World Advertising and Research Center (WARC). For the first time, more than half of that spending will be for digital advertising. This report reinforces that advertisers are spending more money on digital media as the amount of time people spend on smartphones, social media and the web grows. Additionally, the growth rate in ad spending in 2020 will be more than double the amount of this year’s. Two large contributing factors in ad spending next year will be the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the U.S. elections. Read more on Marketing Dive.

LinkedIn engagement continues to rise, as per Microsoft’s latest performance report

After Microsoft took over LinkedIn in 2016, we could no longer access LinkedIn’s regular performance reports. Now, the reports have smaller updates with less in depth observations. In their report on Oct. 23, they gave an update on LinkedIn’s status. Currently, LinkedIn is seeing a 22% growth in user sessions and record levels of engagement and job postings. As LinkedIn continues to grow, brands need to pay more attention to the platform. The increase in engagement could mean an increase in marketing opportunities. Read the full article on Social Media Today.

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Trending in Marketing October

What’s Trending in Marketing for October 2019

Staying current on what’s trending in marketing is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with the growth happening in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We’re aware that keeping up with these trends can often be difficult given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

YouTube masthead ads hit TV app

YouTube is now introducing masthead ads for its TV app. The ads will play automatically and appear prominently on the app for a customized audience, depending on who brands are trying to reach. With streaming platforms outshining regular TV programming, this new feature gives brands a way to connect with their audiences whenever they launch the YouTube TV app. Read more on Marketing Land.

Snapchat extends video ad limit to 3 minutes, but viewers can still skip

Although Snapchat has typically been used for 10-second videos, they’re now giving marketers the option to run video ads up to three minutes long. However, users will still be able to skip the ads. Allowing ads to run for the longer timeframe allows companies to find out which viewers are more likely to watch the full ad without skipping. Adage has the full story here. 

Female CMOs are being hired in record numbers, report says

In the first two quarters of 2019, 48% of CMO appointments went to women, according to a report from Russell Reynolds. The previous record breaking number was 47% in 2016. However, with a high turnover rate for marketing leadership, these numbers are likely to fluctuate. In the first half of the year, 81% of CMOs were hired externally as outside sources would be more likely to have a broader focus in marketing. Find out more on Marketing Dive.

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The Benefits of Inbound & Outbound Marketing 

There are two main types of marketing, inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a strategy in which you position yourself to be found by your target audience. This provides them with the content they need to inform themselves and to move through the first stages of the sales funnel on their own (SEO and content marketing are both examples of inbound). Outbound marketing is more traditional. It refers to the strategy in which you advertise directly to a broad audience instead of waiting to be found by them (TV commercials, radio ads, and magazine ads are all examples of outbound marketing).

Many businesses tend to prefer one over the other. But, the most effective way to market to your target audience is to use a combination of both. To understand why using both is a valuable investment to your business, you’ll need to understand both types.

The Difference Between Landing Page vs. Homepage

Once upon a time, when the web was still in its infancy, the homepage was considered the most important page on your website. While the homepage is an essential component of your website, it shouldn’t necessarily be the first page that visitors see. The webpage functions more as a way to draw visitors into themarketing funnel than anything else. Unfortunately, many businesses focus heavily on sending new leads to their homepage, which can actually be a mistake. Doing so can confuse new visitors because they won’t know where to go from there. Instead, you should be sending new visitors to a landing page. The following is a breakdown of the main differences between landing page vs. homepage.

What is CPM Advertising and Should You Use It? 

There are many KPIs that you can track in order to judge the performance of your ads. One of these metrics is CPM, or cost per mille, which translates into cost per thousand impressions. CPM indicates how much you’re paying for every thousand impressions the ad is earning. However, there are other KPIs that you can use as well, such as CPC and CPA. These KPIs indicate how much you’re paying for your ads. When implementing a new ad campaign, you’ll have to choose which KPI to use, meaning you’ll have to bid in either CPM or CPC. The question is, when should you be using CPM advertising?

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Study: Brand perceptions get bigger ding from social media than news

Verizon Media conducted a survey of over 2,000 Americans which showed consumers have a more positive view of brands that advertise on news sites rather than social media. 90% of consumers reported that coordinating with news content did not affect their brand impression. Meanwhile, 40% of consumers had a negative impression of brands that advertise near offensive content, such as user-generated social media posts. This is why brand safety is a serious matter for around 60% of marketers. More about the study can be found on Marketing Dive.

Noticeable drop in reviews showing in Google search results

Multiple Google search tracking tools report a drop in the number of search results displaying review rich results, due to a new Google algorithm. The drop is anywhere from 3 to 5 points, depending on which tracker you look at. This news matters for companies with pages that show review rich results. Thosecompanies should consider checking the new rules and updating their pages appropriately. If the review rich results no longer appear, it’s most likely due to the updated algorithm. Read more on Search Engine Land.

Facebook sees steep drop in loyalty as Twitter gains, survey finds

Facebook’s brand loyalty dropped from 8th place last year, to 24th place this year. Meanwhile, Twitter jumped from 23rd to 11th place. Digital brands also saw lower positions, while automotive, restaurant and retail categories saw a boost in loyalty. “Consumer loyalty is a key leading indicator of brand success, typically able to demonstrate results 12 to 18 months before traditional brand tracking of focus groups, according to the survey.” Facebook’s loyalty most likely dropped due to the occurrence of privacy breaches. Twitter has made significant changes for the benefit of users, which probably led to the higher ranking. Read the full article on MarketingDive.

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What’s Trending in Marketing for July 2019

Staying current on recent marketing trends is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with what’s going on in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We’re aware that keeping up with these trends can often be difficult given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs. They highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Microsoft Just Dealt A Blow To Google’s Ad Blocking Plans

Google announced their plans to restrict ad blocking Chrome extensions. This means that ad blockers, like uBlock origin, won’t work on the Google Chrome browser. This update will come in the upcoming months and some Chrome users have made it clear that they’ll move to another browser if Google carries out that plan. Microsoft has responded by reaching out to their users to see if they’d like Ad Blockers built into the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser. You can learn more about this story on Forbes.

Instagram advertisers can now convert organic influencer posts into ads

Instagram confirmed in March that it’s testing a new ad format. It’s going to be possible for brands to create ads using organic posts from the influencers they have relationships with. Marketing Land writes, “Before brands can use influencer posts as ads, the content creator must grant their business partners (the brands they have relationships with) access to promote their posts. Once the creator — or influencer — has done this via their Advanced Settings page, brands will see the influencer’s posts in the Ads Manager under “Existing Posts” and can run the content as an ad within the Instagram newsfeed or Stories format.”

Comcast partners with Charter, Cox to advance targeted advertising

Comcast launched an advertising strategy that will target audiences better in an effort to lure more advertisers away from digital platforms like Facebook and Google. The initiative is called “On Addressability” and the aim is to target advertisements to certain households based on their interests. So far, this has only been done on a small scale in TV advertising. TV is the best way to reach a lot of people at once, but it lacks the big data that digital platforms use. Learn more about this story at Yahoo.

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Emotional Advertising: How Brands Use Feelings to Get People to Buy

Informing your audience is important. You want potential buyers to understand what their problem is, and how your products or services can solve that problem. Unfortunately, people don’t generally make purchases based on information alone. It turns out that people are more prone to making emotional purchases than informed purchases. It’s why commercials consist of much more than an explanation of a product’s use. Instead they use emotional advertising to target the viewer. It’s effective, and it’s why connecting with your audience on an emotional level will benefit your marketing strategy.

Simple Ways that Small Businesses Can Use Data to Build Better Customer Relationships

In this day and age, it’s pretty difficult for consumers to not be inundated with dozens of advertisements. As such, targeting your audience has become more important than ever, especially when it comes to running a smaller business. The most effective way to target your audience is to make use of the consumer data that you have access to. Knowing how to use the data you have can go a long way towards building customer relationships.

However, having consumer data is a lot different than knowing how to make it actionable, which can make the data you have very intimidating. The following are the three steps that you should take to so that you can leverage your data to build strong customer relationships.

What Are Behavioral Biometrics and How Do They Fit Into Marketing?

Companies often hold focus groups in order to get direct feedback about products, services, and even website experiences. The only drawback to such focus groups is that people often aren’t sure how to articulate what they feel about certain things. However, new biometric technology, such as eye-tracking software, has made it easier to determine exactly how someone feels about a website experience at any given moment–and they can allow you to do so without holding a focus group.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Almost 70% of digital ad spending going to Google, Facebook, Amazon, says analyst firm

Google, Facebook, and Amazon are collecting more than 2/3rds of all digital ad spending. Between the 3 companies, this is about $73 billion. Amazon owns 38% of e-commerce, which is down from almost 50% a year ago.

These numbers matter greatly as the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice will begin antitrust investigation of Facebook, Google, and Amazon in the upcoming 12-18 months. More about this story can be found on Marketing Land.

Political Ad Spending Will Approach $10 Billion in 2020, New Forecast Predicts

A new report predicts that spending on political advertisements will reach a new high in 2020. According to the forecast, political ad spending will total $9.9 billion in 2020. In 2016, $6.3 billion was spent on political ads. Political ad spending in 2018 accounted for 2% of total digital ad spending in the US and it’s projected to increase to 2.2% in 2020. Learn more about this story on WSJ.

Survey finds 89% of marketers seeing increased sales using location data

700 U.S. based mobile marketers from 536 consumer brands and 164 agencies took part in this 2019 survey. The survey found that about 9 in 10 marketers plan to use location data in the future to increase sales. However, of those surveyed, only 24% are using or plan to use location data for store visitation or offline measurement.

This report shows that location data is becoming a popular horizontal tool for audience segmentation and targeting across channels. Learn more about this report at Marketing Land.

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What’s Trending in Marketing For April 2019

Staying current on recent marketing trends is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with what’s going on in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We’re aware that keeping up with these trends can often be difficult. The following articles come from popular marketing blogs and highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

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Google Launching Policy Manager in Google Ads

Coming in April, Policy manager will be the central spot to manage policy violations.The new dashboard will show any policy-related issues affectingyour ads, keywords or ad extensions. You’ll be able to view and manage disapprovals across your account.You can currently get more details about why an ad got disapproved by hovering over it. Google said, this year, it will continue to add details about why ads were disapproved. Get more information about this at Marketing Land

Marketers Say They’ll Adapt to a Changing Facebook

Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision for the company’s coming privacy-focused, unified messaging and social networking platform. The CEO said, in the coming years, Facebook plans to rebuild its services and platforms around the following six  principals: private interactions, encryption, reduced permanence, safety, interoperability and secure data storage. Marketing Land goes in to greater detail concerning how marketers will adapt

Bing Ads brings 3D ads to Search with Samsung

Users can interact with the desktop ad format to inspect product features and details. In a first for search advertising, Samsung has begun running a 3D ad format on Bing.com to promote the new Galaxy S10 phone. Full screen ads in search results. The format is the result of months of coordination between Bing, Samsung and agency Performics, a unit of Starcom. The ads display in desktop search, and exclusively on Bing. When users search for the Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung S9. The 3D unit expands the size of the screen and users can interact with it by rotating and zooming in on the product image to explore features. Users can also click on an image to see product details about the device. Read more about Bing’s 3D ads at Search Engine Land. 

Does Direct Marketing Have A Role In Inbound Marketing?

Improving Your Marketing Program

Buyer's JourneyLearn About the Buyer’s Journey

The general goal of every business is to attract consumers and turn them into customers. The process that a consumer goes through before they make a purchase is the buyer’s journey. As a business, you will need to meet the needs of the consumer as they move through their buyer’s journey. You’ll need to be able to do this at every stage of their journey in a passive manner until they are ready to be engaged.

Check Out A Guide to the Decision Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

After helping consumers learn about their problem and how they can solve it, you will want to present your product or service as the best option for that specific solution. It’s at this point that consumers are in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.

Read About The Difference Between the Buyer’s Journey and Customer Journey Customer Journey vs Buyer Journey

You’ve probably heard a lot about consumer life-cycles, and the different terms used to describe said life-cycles such as buyer journey and sales funnel. Terms like buyer’s journey and sales funnel can be overwhelming.  You might even wonder why some terms seem to describe the same thing, such as buyer journeyand customer journey. Don’t be fooled–the buyer journey is very different from the customer journey and it’s important that you know what the difference is.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Expect More Instagram Branded Content Ad Opportunities in 2019

Instagram confirmed it is exploring more ways for brands to amplify content from influencers. The company has tested a new branded content ad format since last year. It will allow brands to turn posts created by influencers into ads on the platform. “We got great feedback from the brands that participated that this ad product is helping with some major limitations that can come with organic branded content including targeting and scale,” said an Instagram spokesperson. Read more about Instagram branded content at Marketing Land. 

Amazon Adds Customer Acquisition Metrics for Sponsored Brands Campaigns

The “new-to-brand” set of metrics are aimed to help brands understand how well their campaigns convert first-time buyers. Amazon has introduced new metrics that capture insights on new customers that converted from seller’s ad campaigns. The “new-to-brand” metrics are available for Sponsored Brands ad campaigns — the search-triggered ads that showcase several products and formerly called headline search ads — as well as video and display ads. Find out more about Amazon’s new customer acquisition metrics at Marketing Land. 

Public Google+ Content Gets Archived for Future Generations

Google’s failed social media network could have been a huge step towards internet domination, and thanks to the Internet Archive, we’ll always get to look back on it.As the April termination date for Google’s social network approaches, attempts are being made to preserve public content for posterity.The fatal combination of low user engagement and security flaws characterized the end of Google’s foray into social media. Marketing Land has more information about Google+ content getting archived.