What’s Trending in Marketing of April 2024

Step right into our April 2024 edition of “What’s Trending in Marketing,” your portal to the freshest marketing trends and insights. Stay ahead of the curve with our collection of marketing trends and reports for the 2024 year.

Noteworthy Marketing Trends and News

Additions in AI Advertisements

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is making it easier for brands to reach consumers with AI-powered tools. They’re introducing new features to personalize advertising campaigns, like creating multiple versions of ads tailored to individual users. Additionally, they’re offering personalized product recommendations based on what users have browsed and liked. These tools are available on both Facebook and Instagram, aiming to make shopping experiences more seamless and impactful. Read more here. 

Brands Values and Their Customers

To keep your customers happy, it’s important for your brand to reflect their values. Most shoppers want brands to share their beliefs, and many have stopped buying from companies whose values clash with their own. To stay connected with customers, brands will focus on showing what they stand for. A survey found that nearly half of marketers plan to invest more in creating content that highlights their brand’s values, with only a small minority decreasing their investment. Read more here. 

The Rise of Podcasts

Given the surging popularity of podcasts and online audio, marketers are increasingly recognizing the value and potential of these platforms for reaching and engaging with audiences. In a survey conducted on marketing trends for 2024, 82% of marketers expressed their intentions to either increase or maintain their investment in podcasts and audio content. This signifies a strategic shift in marketing strategies, with more emphasis placed on leveraging the power of audio to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. Overall, the continued growth of podcasts and audio content presents an opportunity for marketers to expand their reach, build brand awareness, and foster deeper connections with their target audience in the evolving digital landscape. Read more here. 

Learning Marketing Trends and Ideas

Interactive Email Marketing Trends

To stand out in the competitive online marketing scene, businesses are turning to interactive email strategies. These emails go beyond traditional text and attachments, offering engaging features like animated GIFs, navigational menus, integrated forms, rotational banners, and sliders. Google’s enhanced compatibility ensures seamless viewing across devices, while emerging trends like key frame animation and cinema-graphs add even more excitement. Interactive emails not only catch customers’ attention but also streamline user experience, making them a vital tool in modern marketing strategies. Read more here. 

Innovative Video Strategies to Transform Your Senior Living Marketing

Digital technology has revolutionized marketing for senior living communities, offering unprecedented opportunities to engage potential residents and their families. Video content, in particular, is a powerful tool for showcasing community amenities and values. As seniors increasingly embrace digital platforms, mastering video marketing is crucial. Videos can tell authentic stories, educate viewers, and provide virtual tours, all essential for attracting and informing prospective residents. Leveraging digital strategies like SEO optimization and YouTube presence enhances the reach and impact of video marketing efforts, allowing communities to connect meaningfully with their audience and foster trust in the decision-making process. Read more here. 

How Brands Market To the Different Generations

Generational marketing targets different age groups based on their unique needs and preferences. Baby boomers value quality and respond well to email and TV ads, while Generation X prioritizes convenience and brand loyalty, engaging with social media and video content. Millennials seek authenticity and personal connection, favoring social media and influencer marketing, while Generation Z prefers an omnichannel approach and values brand ethics and authenticity. Understanding each generation’s characteristics is crucial for tailoring marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage with them. Read more here. 

Recent Marketing Trends, Reports, and Updates

Nano- or Micro-Influencer Marketing

More brands are leaning towards collaborating with nano- and micro-influencers instead of celebrities or big social media stars because they charge lower rates and still generate high engagement. Reports show that marketers prefer working with small-scale influencers, with nano-influencers charging between $5 to $25 for a TikTok post and micro-influencers asking for $25 to $125. These smaller influencers also boast higher engagement rates, meaning their followers are more likely to take action based on their recommendations. To ensure a positive return on investment, it’s crucial to collaborate with influencers whose followers match your target audience. Read more here. 

Companies in Partnership Marketing

More brands are teaming up with others in their industry because it helps both parties achieve their goals. This collaboration can involve co-producing webinars, appearing on each other’s podcasts, or sharing social media content. For instance, Videowise partnered with other brands to promote their ebook. Partnership marketing allows brands to reach more potential customers by tapping into each other’s audience, connect with industry leaders for insights and assistance, and gain access to valuable resources like customer insights and industry data to enhance marketing campaigns. Read more here. 

User-Generated Video Content

We’re likely to see more user-generated video content because potential customers trust it more than highly-produced brand videos. These videos, created by real customers who have used the product or service, carry authenticity that resonates with audiences and increases the likelihood of conversion. To encourage customers to share their experiences, brands can ask for honest reviews, host giveaway contests for video testimonials, or collaborate with creators who can provide genuine opinions in exchange for a fee. This approach saves time, money, and effort compared to creating highly-produced videos from scratch. Read more here.

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What’s Trending in Marketing For January 2024

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Noteworthy Marketing News

2024’s Super Bowl Ads

Get ready for a touchdown of nostalgia and entertainment as Nickelodeon takes stage during the 2024 Super Bowl advertisements. This delightful journey for viewers of all ages only took six weeks to sell out. This year’s advertisement roster includes new and sweet commercials from Reese’s, Hershey’s, Nerds, and more to feed your cravings while you watch your favorite team win. This unique collaboration between Nickelodeon and brands adds an extra layer of excitement to the Super Bowl ad lineup. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about creating an experience that captures the essence of both Nickelodeon’s charm and the thrill of Super Bowl Sunday into one. Read more here. 

The Average Spend For This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl commercials are highly expensive coveted spots due to the massive viewership of the event, making them one of the most expensive slots in the advertising world. In a groundbreaking move, the Paramount Global-owned network is setting the stage with an extraordinary opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services for $7 million for every 30-second commercial in the Super Bowl. Read more here. 


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Revolutionizing Marketing: The Impact of AI and VR

As our generations grow, the evolvement of our technology reaches points we’ve never imagined. Artificial Intelligence aka AI, revolutionized the size of marketing that we have today. AI has made it easier for marketers to think outside the box. It helps marketing companies find new ways to analyze data and create a new and unique user experience for their clients. Take a look at the intelligence of VR (virtual reality) for example. VR recently became trending because of it’s game-changer experience for users and its evolvement in the digital marketing world. One of the biggest VR applications lies in experiential marketing, where brands create virtual environments that allow users to interact with products or services in a simulated setting. Additionally, VR is reshaping the e-commerce scape by enabling virtual try-on experiences for products, allowing customers to virtually test and visualize items before making a purchase. The convergence of VR and marketing is not only a trend but also a transformative force that is reshaping the way brands connect with their audience in the digital age. Read more here. 

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Social Media Influencers

This year, social media influencers remain key in brand relationships. Receiving excessive PR packages to attract their audience is one of the main advertisements they do. Influencers are now more creative, transforming basic product videos into relatable stories. As they enhance storytelling techniques, the blend of creativity, authenticity, and brand promotion reshapes digital marketing, making ads enjoyable for the audience. Viewers feel credibility and reliability, providing a genuine avenue for brand promotion. Multiple influencers endorsing the same brand is common on social media. Read more here. 


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LinkedIn Becoming Another Social Media App?

LinkedIn has achieved a significant milestone by reaching one billion members worldwide. Considering it is an app made for only finding jobs, it has sky-rocketed in members because of the new digital age our generation is getting into. It is taking a new turn by having people update their profiles not only with the new jobs and opportunities they’re achieving, but additionally by updating their hobbies, life skills, advice, and more. Possibly making it become a platform more reachable around the world like Instagram and TikTok. Read more here. 

AI Emerges As a New Assistant When Digital Marketing

The influence of AI in marketing is undeniably taking place in the marketing field. Google’s President, Americas and Global Partners, and Sean Downey, predict that it will stand out as the single most significant trend in 2024. As 64% of marketers are already using AI in their businesses, 38% of those who are not already using AI, plan to finally use it starting this year. Read more here. 


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What’s Trending in Marketing For November 2023

Welcome to our November 2023 edition of “What’s Trending,” where we bring you the most relevant marketing trends and insights. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our curated collection of marketing trends and reports in winter 2023.

Noteworthy Marketing Trends and News

The Guardian view on festive marketing: stop spending like there’s no tomorrow

In 1998, a British newspaper introduced “Black Friday” as a post-Thanksgiving shopping phenomenon in the US. Today, global spending on advertising during the festive season is predicted to reach a record £9.5bn. However, the environmental impact of promoting overconsumption is a growing concern. The Guardian explores the idea of banning or regulating ads to address misleading environmental claims. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is criticized for its lax approach, with only a small fraction of environmental ad complaints investigated. Tightening regulations is proposed as a step toward aligning advertising with the urgent need for climate-conscious practices.

Microsoft Advertising Shares Holiday Season Marketing Playbook

Elf A SelfieMicrosoft Advertising provides insights in its Festive Holiday Marketing Playbook to help businesses enhance holiday sales. Key points include understanding the timing of revenue peaks around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, leveraging deal-seeking behaviors among consumers, and capitalizing on search for online and in-store purchases. The National Retail Federation predicts a 3-4% increase in US holiday spending. Advertisers are encouraged to align strategies with the ‘Cyber-5’ period and utilize search for targeted advertising. 

Kid Rock’s anti-Bud Light campaign, sparked by the beer brand’s association with a transgender model, has now shifted to target Kellogg’s-owned Froot Loops in Canada. The cereal faces a boycott after promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion on its boxes, urging kids to practice pronouns. Social media users criticized the move, with some accusing it of “woke indoctrination.” Froot Loops’ digital library, tied to the promotion, offers diverse topics for families. The backlash reflects an ongoing trend of brands facing criticism for perceived political messaging, following controversies like Bud Light’s partnership with a transgender model and Target’s transgender branding frenzy.

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Learning Marketing Trends and Ideas

Micro Moments: A New Consumer Behavior in Marketing

Successful businesses understand that consumer behavior in marketing does not stay the same. Consumer behavior changes based on a variety of factors, including new tools and ways of using those tools. The smartphone drastically changed consumer behavior in marketing. This happened somewhat recently, yet people already spend roughly 3.5 hours a day on their phones. The way that a person interacts with their phone is much different than how they interact with TV, magazine ads, or their computer. As a result, marketers must expand the ways in which they engage with consumers in order to continue capturing their attention. Continue to read here

Essential Website Updates for Senior Living Communities

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, as of 2021, 73% of adults over the age of 65 in the United States use the internet. This number has been steadily increasing over the years, highlighting the importance of a strong online presence for senior-focused businesses. This article will explore key website updates that senior living communities should consider. The goal is to stay relevant and provide the best possible experience for their audience. Continue to read here

The Brand Loyalty Of Generation X

Consumers like certain brands. They develop a trust that the brand’s products are of the right quality and a good value. That trust, along with other positive emotions, causes consumers to develop brand loyalty, where they tend to buy certain products from particular brands now and into the future. How brand loyalty works depends on many factors, age and status in life being two. It is critical to understand how a particular generation develops brand loyalty. The insights gained by this understanding make marketing to the generation in question much easier. Let’s look at Generation X for example. Continue to read here.

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Recent Marketing Trends, Reports, and Updates

2024 B2B Tech Marketing Trends: The Year Of Authenticity 

As 2024 approaches, marketing trends point to a shift from traditional content to richer experiences, a return to genuine human interactions amid automation, and a move beyond numerical dominance in analytics. AI’s role may bring humorous hiccups, emphasizing the value of human intuition. Niche specialists are expected to dominate the influencer landscape. Return on investment will extend beyond financial metrics, and marketing strategies will shift away from linear funnels to dynamic customer journeys. Hyper-personalization is seen as a double-edged sword, requiring a balance between relevance and privacy. Success in 2024 involves revisiting core values and creating meaningful connections.

Ogilvy reveals key influencer marketing trends for 2024

The report cites how live streaming across social platforms will continue to be a critical medium. Sixty six percent of brands already report that creator-led content delivers more ROI than traditional ads. Influencers could see revenue opportunities through live streaming over traditional subscription models as more platforms integrate payment schemes. 

Predicting the top 5 digital marketing trends for 2024 

Over the past year, significant changes occurred in the digital marketing space: the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit against Google finally going to trial, Apple’s iOS 17 introducing more privacy-centric features that upended the tracking status quo, the EU issuing multi-million-dollar fines against Criteo for GDPR violations, streaming TV overtaking linear TV in viewership, the collapse of MediaMath, Amazon’s impending launch of ads on Prime Video, and—finally—Disney and Spectrum agreeing to a revolutionary new model for linear TV programming and the ways that content providers and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) work together. See the top 5 digital marketing predictions.

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What’s Trending in Marketing For October 2023

Welcome to our October 2023 edition of “What’s Trending,” where we bring you the most relevant marketing news and insights. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our curated collection of marketing trends and reports in fall 2023.

Noteworthy Marketing News 

Booking.com Is Striking a New Balance Between Brand and Performance

In 2022, Booking.com showed up at the Super Bowl for the first time with a spot starring Idris Elba. It booked a second ticket to the Big Game in 2023, making a comeback with actress and producer Melissa McCarthy. For Natalie Wills, vp of brand at Booking.com, these star-studded multi-channel campaigns are emblematic of how the travel giant is increasingly walking the line between brand building and performance marketing. “Historically, we’ve been quite a performance-led organization, but in the last couple of years, we’ve really been delving into brands,” she explained. Read more here

What Marketers Are Saying About Their Marketing Misalignment Woes

Modern marketing organizations are truly impressive, creative powerhouses that drive impact through their content, and backed by refined analytics and business intelligence. The one thing they often miss, however, is organizational alignment. Executives lack insight into the work being done – independent contributors don’t understand how their daily work connects to the plan and managers are stuck in the middle without enough information to communicate up or down effectively. Read more here

How NIL deals and brand sponsorships are helping college athletes make moneyNFL Brand Marketing trends 2023

Student-athlete influencers have become key parts of marketing strategies for companies and capitalized on their athletic performance to bring in previously unattainable levels of fame and fortune. The NIL market is worth an estimated $1 billion annually. The industry’s growth has been driven in large part by collectives. These donor-backed groups facilitate NIL opportunities like autograph signings and appearances at fundraisers and account for 80% of the money flowing to student-athletes. Read more here

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Improving Your Marketing Program

5 SMART Goal Example For Business Development

A smart goal is basically what the acronyms from the name suggest. It is specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant and time bound. The Smart Goal process provides a frame where you can create a long term goal. It also provides a time limit for you to work on the same goal. By doing this business’ are 70% more successful in achieving their goals thanks to regular check-ins, updates and group accountability. Check out some smart goal examples for business development that will help you understand the system better and enhance your business. Continue to read here

Emotional Advertising: How Brands Use Feelings to Get People to Buy

emotional advertising marketing trends 2023Emotional advertising uses emotions to connect with consumers and encourage them to buy a product or service. This type of advertising appeals to the heart rather than the head, and it can be quite effective in leaving a lasting impact on customers. Informing your audience is important. You want potential buyers to understand what their problem is, and how your products or services can solve that problem. Unfortunately, people don’t generally make purchases based on information alone. It turns out that people are more prone to making emotional purchases than informed purchases. It’s why commercials consist of much more than an explanation of a product’s use. Instead they use emotional advertising to target the viewer. Continue to read here

4 Essential Brand Component

There’s a common misconception that many people have that a “brand” is basically just the name of the company and the logo that they use. While these elements contribute to the overall brand of a business, the term “brand” is actually much more comprehensive than that. It involves many different components, which is why it takes a lot of thought in order to successfully develop your brand. The following are the four main brand components that you will need to address when building your brand and what kinds of strategies you can put into place to further develop those components. Continue to read here.

Learn The StoryBranding Process

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Marketing Briefing: Here are 5 marketing trends you have missed from 2023 Advertising Week 

Another Advertising Week New York has come and gone. And while the event last week, in its nineteenth iteration, was hybrid in-person and online, it covered topics that have dominated marketers’ minds this year. Here are the 5 top takeaways you might’ve missed if you weren’t able to attend. Read the full article

Adapt Or Persist? Analyzing 5 B2B Marketing Trends In 2023

B2B Marketing trends 2023The marketing landscape is undergoing a significant shake-up—from a laser focus on data privacy to widespread layoffs in tech to the game-changing impact of generative AI. When it comes to marketing strategies, it’s crucial to understand what’s shifted and what’s remained constant. Forbes surveyed more than 300 B2B marketing professionals with the goal of understanding their priorities and budgets, as well as how they’re using AI. Forbes identified five trends and strategies for business leaders and marketers as we venture further into the back half of 2023. Read the full article

75 Branding Statistics for 2024: Top Insights and Marketing Trends 

The rise of the internet and digital marketing has unleashed new possibilities for brand marketers. Before the internet, brands were built in boardrooms and involved mass advertising to reach the public. If you’re looking to master the art of building a great brand, then understanding how customers perceive brands is crucial. Let’s look into some of the most important branding statistics. Read the full article.

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What’s Trending in Marketing for January 2021

Knowing what’s trending in marketing is a great way to keep your marketing efforts fresh and to find new tactics that can help improve your marketing strategy. We know it can be difficult to keep up with these trends, so we’ve gathered some current marketing trends that are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Audio Social Media is Booming

In a time of social isolation and screen fatigue, audio social media is all the rage. While audio communication has been around for a while, new apps are making voice the way people connect again. Clubhouse, Discord, Wavve, and Twitter’s developing Audio Spaces are trying to win people’s ears and shape the future of social media. Read more on Wired.

Facebook Asks Users to Opt Into Activity Tracking Ahead of iOS 14 Changes

Facebook’s business has been growing steadily during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that might change in 2021. The company disclosed that the new privacy features in Apple’s iOS 14 update could lead to a slowdown in advertising revenue. In order to combat the potential adverse effects, Facebook has announced plans for users to still allow tracking for personalized ads. Users with iOS 14 will receive a prompt asking to use their app and website activity. Facebook is testing the effects of this update now before Apple makes it mandatory for all apps in the spring.

NBCUniversal and Twitter Announce New Worldwide Digital Content Partnership

NBCUniversal and Twitter have been working together since 2013, but they recently announced that they are deepening their partnership. They want to meet global, national, and local audiences where they are. This new agreement will bring NBCUniversal’s premium digital content, from real-time sports to red carpet livestreams, to Twitter, meeting the growing demand for premium social content. See more details on Marketing Dive.

Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo Sit Out in Advertising Their Trademark Beverages at This Year’s Super Bowl

With the first-ever COVID-era Super Bowl just around the corner, major brands like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo have announced that they will not be advertising their trademark beverages. These brands usually spend millions on commercials, but they have decided to reallocate those funds towards COVID-19 vaccine awareness and other resources.

Calm. Sanctuary. Transcend. Illuminate. These are all words popular companies like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Pantone are using to name and describe their 2021 colors of the year; these companies, as well as many others, chose their colors to speak to the events of 2020. In light of those events, it seems to be clear that everyone is looking for stability, peace, and restoration in 2021, even in color.

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Improving Your Marketing Program

Why Call to Action Phrases Are So Important in Inbound Marketing

Call to action phrases seem so innocuous. They are just a few words on a link or a button. Yet, CTAs are some of the most powerful and important elements on your website to support your Inbound Marketing efforts. Without them, your conversion rate is not going to be anywhere close to where it should be. Learn why here.

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The Future of Email: What to Expect

Although one of the oldest forms of online marketing, email marketing is consistently one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies there is, and it will continue to be so well into the future. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about the future of email in order to begin adjusting your email marketing strategy accordingly. What to expect.

Most people love free SEO tools. Google Trends is one of the most underused free tools; it is a place marketers can use to get their finger on the global pulse. Learn how to increase SEO using Google Trends here.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Social Media Ad and Video Spend Skyrocketed in Q4 2020

One thing to learn from 2020 is how quickly advertising behaviors change. Last year, people began to spend a lot more time on smartphones and other devices to stay connected and entertained, and this increased time online led to a lot more streaming and shopping. Marketers then began to make big investments into tactics to engage homebound customers. By the peak of the holiday season, worldwide spend on social media advertising was up 50.3%, in comparison to the same time in 2019. In North America, there was a 92.3% YoY spike in social media ad spending, much of that via livestreaming content. For 2021, it is expected that directly “shoppable media,” such as livestreams and shoppable ads, will be the fastest-growing advertising categories. Livestream-generated sales are estimated to double to $120 billion worldwide this year. This data is critical for marketers to create campaigns that will continue to resonate with consumers. More details here.

Influencer Marketing: Social media influencer market stats and research for 2021

Insider published their “Influencer Marketing in the Age of COVID-19” report, and it is clear that influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere in 2021. By this time next year, the estimate is that influencer marketing will be a $15 billion industry, up from as much as $8 billion in 2019. As fast as this industry is growing, it is also changing, so it is imperative that brands learn to adapt and evolve their strategies. Influencers are no longer exclusive to those with millions of followers. Some of the most influential influencers are those with only thousands. This means that niches of all kinds are being covered. Influencers are becoming vital in helping brands connect with their target audiences in authentic ways that produce immediate results. You can access the full report on Insider.

Ads on Facebook May Not Be That Important for Brands, After All, Study Shows

In a recent Forrester study, 46 companies that participated in last year’s Facebook ad boycott were examined to see the effects of not buying advertising on Facebook. Out of those 46, only seven companies saw their revenue decrease in Q3 as compared to Q2. The other 36 companies saw their revenue increase from quarter to quarter. In 2019, Facebook made just shy of $70 billion from ad revenue. This means a lot of companies are trusting Facebook to bring in online customers. But analysts are beginning to question the value and payoff that Facebook brings to its companies that use its advertising services.

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Five Tips for Effective Inbound Marketing for Healthcare

Quality healthcare has always been important, but it’s even more important during the pandemic. More people are searching for health-related information than ever before. As such, it’s critical that your healthcare business is in a position to be found. To achieve this, you need to implement a strong, long-term inbound marketing strategy. A good inbound marketing strategy can help drive awareness of your business and help generate more leads. It’s why you should work with a reputable healthcare marketing agency. With that in mind, the following are five essential inbound marketing tips for healthcare businesses:

1. Add Educational Content To Your Website

One of the most important goals you should have is to build trust with your audience. Trust is essential to any healthcare business; after all, your customers are often putting their lives in your hands. With that in mind, you should add educational content to your website. This content shouldn’t promote your services or products. Instead, it should educate your audience. The more informed they are, the more confident they will be in making a purchasing decision. Not to mention that it helps build your brand authority, which directly increases trust.

COVID-19 Content

An example of educational content might be a page dedicated to COVID-19. This page could explain what the symptoms are, what patients should do if they exhibit symptoms, and how they should seek help if needed. Not only are you providing valuable information that can save lives, but you’re also providing relevant information that can build trust.

2. Build A Compelling Website

Your website is the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if your website is poor. The following are just a few important elements of a compelling website:

  • No technical issues – Broken links and slow loading pages can hinder the user experience. Few visitors will stay on your site for more than a few seconds if they’re encountering technical problems.
  • Visually pleasing layout – Your website should be visually pleasing. A poorly designed website that looks outdated will give visitors reservations about your healthcare company’s quality.
  • Easy navigation – Your site should be easy to navigate. Make it easy for your visitors to jump from one section to another and to find what they’re looking for.  Besides a solid navigation menu, you should also use internal links to help guide your visitors to related content and pages.
  • Ability to contact you – Whether visitors have questions or want to schedule appointments, it’s vital that you make it easy for them to contact you. Your contact information should be on every page. However, you should also have a page dedicated to your contact information where visitors can fill out a form. You should also think about incorporating a live chat or chatbot feature to provide basic information and guidance.

3. Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has been an incredibly cost-effective marketing strategy since the beginning of online marketing. Healthcare companies, in particular, can benefit from email marketing. For example, you can create an email newsletter that leads and customers alike can sign up for. You can use this newsletter to educate your audience and to build trust in your brand. You can achieve this by using your newsletter to provide new health information,  healthcare tips, and office updates. A good email marketing strategy can allow you to nurture more leads and encourage more appointments.

4. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to engage directly with your target audience. Many people turn to social media in order to seek healthcare-related advice. In fact, it’s estimated that 40 percent of people say that they use information they found on social media to make health-related decisions. If you establish a regular presence on your social media channels, you’ll be able to offer professional advice to potential patients. As a result of such engagement, you can build trust. Not to mention that any interactions you have will be public, which will help to generate more brand awareness.

5. Create A Blog

While you should have educational content throughout your website, a blog can be particularly helpful. A blog allows you to publish new content on a regular basis. It also allows you to publish content that may be relevant to a specific time. For instance, a post on health-care-related laws passed during the pandemic would be a great blog post. However, you can use your blog to post about all kinds of general disease information.

An effective healthcare inbound marketing strategy is essential to your company’s success, especially at this point in time. Although these marketing tips are incredibly effective, they do require time, experience, and expertise to implement successfully. As such, you should strongly consider working with a professional healthcare marketing agency.

user generated content

Sourcing User Generated Content

One source of content generation you may not have tapped into yet is user-generated content. Content marketing is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. However, it can take a lot of resources to produce your own content on a regular basis. Even if you’ve managed to regularly generate high-quality content, you should look for other ways to create new content for variety’s sake, such as high quality user generated content.

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content refers to content created by consumers and not brands. Such content includes videos, pictures, reviews, articles, and more. For instance, if a consumer takes a picture of themselves using your product and posts it on Instagram, that’s user-generated content. The following are just a few of the benefits of user-generated content:

  • Free publicity

Your audience is essentially promoting your brand on your behalf. As a result, user-generated content can help increase brand awareness.

  • Free content

Creating your own content requires a lot of resources. User-generated content requires none — your audience is creating the content for you. While you don’t own it, you can share it and reap the benefits of it.

  • Positive word of mouth

Customers trust other customers more than they trust brands. Positive user-generated content can, therefore, help to boost your brand reputation by creating trust.

How To Source Usable Generated-Content

Considering how beneficial this free content can be, you’ll want to do everything you can to encourage it. However, the biggest challenge lies in the lack of control you have over the content. You can’t control the message, format, or quality, after all. But there are a few ways that you can guide your audience to create the content that will benefit you most. The following are a few tips on how to source high-quality user-generated content:

  • Encourage 

Don’t just wait for your audience to create content relevant to your brand. You need to encourage it. For instance, hold a contest on social media in which users vote on the best submission. You can then give the winner a prize. There are many ways that you can encourage content generation.

Utilize Marketing Audiences on Pinterest Today

  • Provide clear guidelines

If you’re looking for a specific type of content, then you need to provide guidelines. For example, if you want user reviews, consider providing a basic review format. Such a format could list three broad questions that users can answer in order to generate a review.

  • Provide content creation tips

Your audience does not consist of professional content creators. As such, provide tips that they can use to create higher quality content. For instance, if you’re holding a video creation contest on YouTube or on Instagram, provide your users with a list of basic filming tips. Such tips can help cut down on the amount of poor quality content that you might receive.

  • Offer an example

If you’re looking for a specific type of content, then provide an example. When users see what you’re looking for, it will help them create the kind of content you want. For instance, if you’re hosting a picture taking contest, upload a few pictures of your own that would be considered exceptional examples. By providing an example, you also make sure that users understand your instructions more clearly.

  • Identify the channel

Make sure that your audience knows where to send it. The last thing you want is users posting their content on different platforms or sending it to you via different channels. If you’re promoting a contest, specify what platform they should post to or what hashtag they should use. Provide detailed instructions on how to submit content. By making it clear what channel you’re using, it will be easier for you to track and organize user-generated content.

  • Open a line of communication

Provide a channel through which your audience can contact you. This channel should be specifically for users who are creating content. You can do this by providing a specific support email address, a phone number, or a page they can DM on social media.

  • Monitor performance

Track how the content users create for your brand is performing. By doing so, you can identify what types are the most effective. You can then adjust your guidelines and instructions to encourage the creation of that type of content.

Enhance your Strategy Today

User-generated content can go a long way towards boosting brand trust. Not to mention that it’s a great way to expand your content marketing strategy. As such, make sure that you encourage the creation of high-quality user content. You can do this by providing your audience with general guidance and encouragement to drive effective user-generated content creation.

25 Website Must Haves
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How to Use Pinterest for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is a very useful marketing tool to promote your brand using creative content. 88% of weekly “Pinners” have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest, yet only 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest.  This platform remains relevant in popularity and is used as a resource for craft and decorations, home building (hyperlink to first Pinterest blog) shopping, and more. Developing content that is useful and creative on this platform can help generate brand awareness and creatively attract customers to your product.

Starting up your Pinterest Account

When starting up your Pinterest marketing account, ensure that you sign up as a business account. Organize your content into multiple boards for various target segments or topics of interest relating to your brand. Pinterest is a visual platform, so it is vital to keep in mind the following factors in content creation:

  1. Use high quality, soft, and original images when possible
  2. Images without faces perform 23% higher on this platform
  3. Present information in creative and well-presented infographics
  4. Be sure to size your images correctly
  5. Simple is key

30 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement and Following 

Increasing Pins and Reshares

Gaining a following on social media is a timely process, but there are some key tips to be successful on building your Pinterest account:

  1. Pin regularly.
  2. Use keywords for SEO
  3. Use promoted pins.
  4. Use Rich Pins to offer more detail than standard pins.
  5. Link your content to other boards and websites
  6. Include hovering pin buttonson your website.
  7. Post during Pinterest’s peak hours, which is between 2:00-4:00pm and 8:00-11:00pm.
  8. Invite other companies to collaborate on a board.

8 Ways That You Can Improve Your SEO

Pinterest Marketing Campaign Launch and Beyond

  1. Build a strategy that takes consumers from awareness to purchase in the buyer’s journey by taking advantage of Pinterest ad formats such as Promoted Video for awareness and Promoted Carousel for consideration.
  2. Because pinners are more likely to purchase new products at the beginning of their lifecycle, “heavy up” on media at the start of the campaign.
  3. Use Pinterest’s Audience Targeting feature to gain repeat purchases.

Whether your goal is to generate leads or increase brand awareness, Pinterest is a fun, creative, and effective tool for business marketing.

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Marketing Trends 2

What’s Trending in Marketing for August 2020

Staying current on marketing trends is especially important to assess whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with today’s evolving world. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles highlight current August 2020 marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Hulu Launches Beta for Self-Serve Advertising Platform

In effort to combat the negative economic backlash of Covid-19, Hulu has created an opportunity for small businesses to use its platform. Hulu has recently launched a self-service advertisement program eligible for any company with a minimum ad budget as low as $500. The process is simple: a company creates and submits a 15-30 second creative video along with details on budget, date range, and an area to upload the ad to Hulu Ad Manager. Hulu approves or denies within 3 days. Brands also have the option to specify their target market by age, gender, genre and location. Hulu provides approved brands with a simple walk-through of set-up and launch. For this program, Hulu permits a maximum of one version of a creative video per campaign.

As part of its recent Enabling Dishonest Behavior Policy, Google Ads is banning any advertising for “spyware and surveillance technology” in both search and shopping starting August 11. Examples of services include fake passports, fake degrees or diplomas, drug test aids, exam or paper writing services, invalid reviews and clicks, and fake social media endorsements. Examples of unauthorized access includes hacking, cable-stealing, radar jamming technology, traffic signal changers, and phone/wiretapping. Google explains that its list is not exhaustive and only mentioned for example. Google exemplifies spyware as GPS trackers, cameras/recorders marketed for spying purposes, and software that monitors someone else’s texts and phone calls, with the exception of parents tracking underage children. Violators on Google Ads will receive a 7-day warning.

Social Short: Twitter Ad Engagement Drops, Snap Minis Launch, more brands pause Facebook Ads

Twitter’s ad revenues have fallen in the past years though daily active user rates have increased. However, Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal is confident in the rebuilding process of Twitter’s ad server. He expresses optimism for the future of advertisements on Twitter through the advantage the platform has for live events.  Snapchat reports a 17% increase in revenues. Though its audience is largely younger, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel found that the average number of users on the Discover page are in their thirties. Additionally, the platform has benefited from the increasing Facebook ad withdrawals. Twitter has also taken action against QAnon content, suspending thousands of accounts for sharing or associating with any “conspiracy theory-ridden content”.

Improving your Marketing Program

Lessons Learned: Buyer Persona Gone Wrong

Before a company can establish a solid marketing plan, it must be aware of the specific target markets or customer profiles it has the best chance to attract to its product or service. Creating a buyer persona is essential to effective attraction marketing. In order to perfect your approach in buyer persona launch, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

30 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement & Following

Looking for ways to boost your social media brand presence? Knowing how to increase brand engagement on Instagram, the latest and hippest social media platform app, is a great start. People are online all day due to working from home. Virtual shopping has risen due to restrictions and pandemic fears. As we have geared toward a more online world, your brand’s presence on the web is more important now than ever. According to Forbes, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business or brand, and 200 million users on Instagram visit business profiles daily. 70% of users turn to Instagram to look up a brand, and 60% learn about new products using Instagram. Now is the time to catch up with the competition that is already using these trends to their advantage.

Istanbul, Turkey – December 15, 2018: Person holding a brand new Apple iPhone X with Instagram profile on the screen. Instagram is an online mobile social networking service, launched in October 2010.

5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t have a clear cut marketing strategy in place. To have any hope of running a successful B2B marketing campaign, you’ll need to establish what your goals are. Once you’ve done so, you should implement marketing strategies that will support those goals and help you achieve them. The following are five B2B marketing tips that you should use to help improve your marketing efforts.

Free Digital Marketing Tools To Cope With COVID-19

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

No in-person events until 2nd half of 2021, marketers say

According to a recent Marketing Land survey of 300 people, 3 out of 10 people responded that they anticipate attending in-person events in the first half of 2021. In another survey, 70% of respondents plan to attend solely online events until a Covid-19 vaccine emerges.

U.S. Mobile Ad Spending Update

In March, E Marketer’s Mobile Ad Spending Report forecasted that the pandemic would cause a 20% increase in mobile ad spending, but they have now updated this expectancy and reduced it to 4.8% growth. Among mobile advertising results, location-based advertising has suffered, and gaming and streaming video apps have done well. This year’s lost growth in mobile ad spending will affect overall spending through at least 2024.

COVID-19 Is the Asteroid That Struck American Small Business

Positive news regarding the virus is 78% of small businesses report being able to survive 7 to 12 months or more with existing cash on hand, and 57% could last over a year. Restaurants suffered primarily, as there were over 133,000 business closures total and of the 26,000 Yelp restaurants that have been closed since March, 60% were now permanently closed. A majority of 92% of businesses report pivoting strategy in at least one way form the pandemic. The most common change was a creation of delivery channel, and 96% of businesses reported planning to keep some new services and channels post-pandemic, while 43% will maintain all changes. Find out more on Search Engine Land.


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Utilize Marketing Audiences on Pinterest Today

pinterest marketingPinterest is a valuable marketing tool, as 88% of pinners purchase something they have pinned, and 49% purchase 5 or more products they have pinned. Despite its effectiveness as a marketing tool, only 28% of marketers are already using Pinterest, so get ahead of the competition and start using this visual platform today.

Who’s Using Pinterest?

Pinterest has over 335 million  worldwide users and 88 million users from the United States. With over 200 billion Pinterest pins and 4 billion boards, users save 2 million shopping pins on boards daily. 71% of Pinterest users are female. In the United states, 40% of dads use Pinterest, and 80% of moms. The median age of Pinterest users is 40, however most active “Pinners” are below 40 years old. Gen Z adults and millennials are the most dedicated users, however Gen X users increased daily use by 10% from 2018 to 2019.

30 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement and Following

Marketing on Pinterest: Homebuilding, Crafts, Senior Living, Real Estate, CPG, and more

Two thirds of pins represent brands and products, and 50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.  According to Mintel’s February 2020 Arts and Crafts Consumer Report, Pinterest is largely used to spread creativity through DIY crafts, creating a valuable marketing opportunity for craft and home decorating companies. Pinterest is also a valuable tool for homebuilders to reach consumers through typing in keywords linked to related visual boards of ideas and products. Additionally, Pinterest is a marketing tool to promote services as well, such as Senior living facilities. A platform that provides a unique way to visually display information, Pinterest provides a way for your brand to share health and caregiver related articles, exercise routines for seniors, home health care products, images from your service’s website, and even healthy recipes. As nearly 30% of Pinterest users have a 6-figure income, Pinterest is a  sufficient platform for real estate companies to reach their target audiences. In a study of 9 million consumers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing research shows that Pinterest households were 29% more likely to try a new product within the first 10 months of launch than non-Pinner households, and the Pinner “trial date” was 40% higher in the first 30 days of launch than non-Pinners. Experts say the study shows that people on Pinterest are more likely to try new CPG products. Overall, 75% of Pinners say they are “very interested” in new products compared to 55% with the same level of interest on other digital platforms.

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30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips