Village of Streamwood, Illinois

Village of Streamwood

As the Village of Streamwood was getting set to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, they turned to us to help with the festivities. The goal was to increase community excitement for the special birthday, as well as to educate on the Village’s rich history in a unique and memorable way. At the heart of our efforts was a new logo – a mark that added to the celebratory feel, and became a staple of recognition for the community – proudly displayed on everything from street-side posters and light-post signs, to police cars, fire trucks, and city workers’ uniforms. There was a 60th Anniversary version of this logo which was removed from items after six months.

To further commemorate the historic event, we developed a dramatic timeline 40-foot, two-wall display for Streamwood’s municipal office. Using a combination of stunning historic photography and vibrant present-day images, this striking museum-like piece captured the essence of the Village from yesteryear to today. A custom Plexiglas overlay highlighting a timeline of important dates/events added to the visual appeal, and left visitors filled with positive anticipation for the future.

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