How Marketers Can Connect with the 3 Mindsets of Search

A recently released research study by and Latitude identifies three distinct mindsets in search and offers insight into how marketers can offer ads and align them with content that better appeals to each mindset. Three Mindsets of Search examines 59 variables in search behavior and also revealed that the meaning of “expertise” in the eyes of searchers is evolving. Read more

iCloud, iPad, and Seniors

How The Apple iPad and New iCloud Can Connect More Seniors

Research continues to show the positive, life-enhancing effects that the Internet can have on senior adults. Beyond just staying in touch with family and friends, going online provides seniors with an interactive outlet to the world – and studies show that it can also provide a myriad of health benefits. For example, increasing personal communications can decrease feelings of depression and isolation, as well as stimulate the brain and enhance cognitive abilities.
Today, seniors access the Internet via their computer for a variety of things, from researching information and keeping up with modern culture and society, to socializing, watching videos and sharing pictures. Being active online can ultimately enrich their lives by connecting them to their families and the world around them. Read more

Google Analytics and Social Interaction Tracking

With the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google Analytics has added Social Interaction Analytics. When using Google to search for something, you may have noticed the +1 box that appears next to the displayed results.

You can even see these +1 boxes on the Google Adwords ads that can show up with your search results. Google Analytics tracks how often someone clicks on these boxes.
Read more

Grocery Advertising Agency News: How Kraft Will Market Its Grocery Business After the Split

Kraft Foods CEO Irene Rosenfeld signaled today that the food giant will continue to aggressively market its North American grocery brands, even after the business is severed from its faster-growing global snacks unit in a split planned for the end of next year.

“If you believe that there is a new normal of slower consumption growth in North America — and we do — certain capabilities will be even more important in the future,” Ms. Rosenfeld told analysts at Barclays Capital’s Back-to-School Consumer Conference. “Things like stronger share position, world-class marketing, go-to-market scale and low-cost producer status will become even more critical in the future.”

While nothing will be known for sure until the company divides, Ms. Rosenfeld’s comments offer at least some comfort to ad agencies working on the grocery business that the food giant is not giving up on the brands, which have been overshadowed by the faster-growing snacks unit ever since the company made its plan public last month. Dentsu’s McGarryBowen handles a big chunk of the grocery brands, including Maxwell House and Oscar Mayer, while a plethora of agencies steer the global snacks brands. Read more