How Marketers Can Connect with the 3 Mindsets of Search

A recently released research study by and Latitude identifies three distinct mindsets in search and offers insight into how marketers can offer ads and align them with content that better appeals to each mindset. Three Mindsets of Search examines 59 variables in search behavior and also revealed that the meaning of “expertise” in the eyes of searchers is evolving.

Understanding the 3 Mindsets of Search

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A person using a search engine to find information is in one of three mindsets: Answer Me, Educate Me, or Inspire Me. Understanding the motivation behind their search helps marketers deliver ads and content that meet the needs of the individual.

Answer Me people account for 46 percent of all searches. They want to find exactly what they’re looking for, with no fluff or additional information, and they want it now. The search may not be of an urgent nature; for example, they may be trying to remember the name of a movie or the location of a restaurant they plan on visiting later. This type of search is most common in the entertainment or health & beauty industries.

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