Packaging That Sells Conference

“Reinvent Everything” is the tagline for the Brand Packaging Conference I am at currently. With those powerful words, I want to reinvent my blog.

Not sure the strategy of reinventing my blog. Should it be pictures only? Should it have contents of only what’s happening now at the show? Should it even be more off-center? Should I share my learning each day as we go?
Nah! Instead I am going to give simple advice for these changing times which apply for everyone. Reinvent yourself.

1) Be a Leader (don’t be a manager or a supervisor)
2) Maintain Stress (laughing works)
3) Ride Close to Transition and Change
4) Raise the Bar
5) Continuously Motivate
6) Pay Close Attention to Quality and Details
7) Give Your Troops Clear-Cut Marching Orders
8 ) Keep a Positive Attitude
9) Nail Down Each Person’s Job
10) Promise Change…and then Deliver!

Just try to reinvent yourself. The results will amaze you.

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Mark Beebe
Mark Beebe oversees all current clients. His secondary focus is leading the creative with original thinkers who provide innovative processes and insightful answers for clients’ marketing needs. His 30+ years has garnered the team to over 50+ national and international awards. As a partner, Mark, looks for unusual solutions to bring smart results and metrics to your bottom line.