The Biggest Marketing in the History of Marketing is to get you relaxed

So a common conversation I hear often begins with “Does marketing work”?

If marketing didn’t work, how did you know about the new shows or movies coming out? What signaled you that the new iPad minis were shipping? Marketing is everywhere from bands to what telephone service you choose.

But in my estimation the greatest marketing out there is that of alcohol. Think about how 90% of adult Americans believe a party must include alcohol. Did you not have fun at your seventh grade birthday party? How did that culture shift happen over time?

Placement, Placement, Placement

We could discuss the last 100 years but for the purpose of this blog, I want to look at a snapshot of today. Alcohol is everywhere, in ads,radio, on television, but more importantly, the product placement of every television show, movie which confirms that alcohol must be present in order to have a “great” party or to have a great meal. Do you know the billions SPENT on that placement is assuring your mind that it’s okay to drink BECAUSE everyone else is doing it? Read more