16 Tips for a Better Website

Michael Adams | February 20, 2013 | Web Design Ledger

Want a better website and don’t know where to start? Or, do you think your website changes are out of your control?

Many website owners think a better website means a complete overhaul – a brand new website. In some cases that may be true, but in my experience a couple tweaks can make the difference between bland and beautiful.

There are hundreds of things you could be doing. But, I want to take you beyond just spell-checking your site for errors.

Here are 16 ideas you can put into action right now:

1. Condense your menu

Do you have twelve items under one heading on your navigation bar? If so, you might want to look at tidying up. A cleaner navigation makes things easier to find. When things are easier to find, it creates a better experience for your site’s visitors. Plus, they’ll be less likely to hit the back button because they won’t be frustrated trying to find what they need.

2. Have a call to action on every page

Every page on your website should be making your visitor act on something. Maybe it’s to get them to purchase your ebook, view your credentials, or watch a demo video. Whatever it is, make it known to the user. Remember, they don’t want to think when they’re browsing your site. Whether it’s a button or a hyperlink, but something on every page that leads them to the action you ultimately want them to take.

3. Put your phone number on your homepage

Every website should have their phone number. Seems obvious, right? But, many don’t. It’s often buried on a contact page or not on the site at all. Big mistake! Many visitors head to your website just to find your phone number, so make it prominent on your homepage. The top right corner is usually best – or, I’ve also seen it down in the footer. Regardless, put it up there!

4. Add business hours

Similar to the phone number above, when is your business open? Can I call you at 6am? What if I’m bringing my parents to your restaurant and it’s 10pm – will we be able to eat? These questions are inside the head of your customers more than you think. Making your hours known solves this, so put them up for all to see.

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Dan Gartlan and Nicole Wagner Scheduled to Speak at Two Upcoming Senior Living / Aging Care Services Events

LOMBARD, ILL., February 21, 2014 – Stevens & Tate Marketing is strengthening its presence as experts within the senior living and aging care services industry across the Midwest. President Dan Gartlan and Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner have both been selected for significant speaking events occurring during the spring of 2014.

Wagner will be presenting at the Life Services Network (LSN) 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, being held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Her session, “Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques for Senior Living Communities” will take place on May 1, 2014 from 2:15-3:15pm. This is Wagner’s third consecutive year speaking for LSN, which is expecting over 3,000 senior living industry professionals in attendance. When asked about the upcoming event, Wagner stated that she is “looking forward to sharing new insight into online tactics and techniques for the senior care market today.” Read more

RECAP: LeadingAge Ohio PRAMD Conference for Senior Living Professionals

Update: LeadingAge Ohio members and affiliates hosted its annual regional chapter conference last Friday at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. This provided its members with programs, services and education to promote outstanding achievement and career growth in the older adult care profession.

Stevens & Tate Marketing President Dan Gartlan was the featured speaker for the second year and presented on Attraction Marketing for the senior care market. This exclusive and specialized event was the ideal setting for his presentation, “Attraction Marketing Strategies for the Senior Care Market in 2014″. The speech was aimed at expanding the knowledge of LeadingAge Ohio members about proven tactics and strategies that, when used together, can help draw prospects in and drive enhanced business performance.

Overall, the attendees received important information that broadened their knowledge on the subject.  They discovered how they can increase efficiencies and strengthen their marketing programs to get greater results in a competitive and evolving marketplace.
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RECAP: 2014 Life Services Network (LSN) Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Update: Over 3,000 senior living industry professionals attended this year’s Life Services Network (LSN) Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Illinois. They gathered to learn, connect and discover the latest trends and advancements in the world of senior living/aging care.

Stevens & Tate’s Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner presented an educational session at the LSN 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibition that took place at the Convention Center in Rosemont, IL on Thursday, May 1, 2014. This is the third consecutive year that Nicole has been selected as the featured speaker for LSN. Her presentation, “Effective Search Engine Marketing Techniques for Senior Living Communities” shared new and informative insight into online tactics and techniques for senior living organizations. Nicole included specific examples and actionable strategies that brands could begin to implement right away to enhance their success. Read more

5 Benefits of Google AdWords

Jose Capelo | September 4, 2013 | Business And Entrepreneurial News

Google Ad Words is a PPC advertising or pay per click advertising that was created by Google in early 2000. Since then, thousands of people and businesses have created highly effective advertising campaigns allowing them to generate revenue, and selling a number of products and services through the web and search engines.

Advantages of Google AdWords

Although AdWords is not as new as we might imagine, many people are still unaware of the advantages that this system can bring to their businesses. That’s why we share this with you, offering some advantages that AdWords brings to advertisers:

Measurement and analysis

Unlike other advertising systems, with Google AdWords you can measure and know exactly when you are generating your investment and ROI. You know for sure that keywords are the announcements and initiatives you are working. Allowing constantly optimization of your campaigns and get more results (conversions) over time.

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Another Year of Super Bowl Commercials?

Each year, I watch the trends of the Super Bowl commercials. This year I decided to take a poll and see what the audience thinks. The people I polled ranged in age from from ten to fifty-five years-old. I found the most popular spots to be:

  • “The 80’s Called and Wants Their Store Back” by Radio Shack
  • “Time Machine” by Doritos
  • “Puppy Love” by Budweiser
  • “Dad’s Sixth Sense” by Hyundai Genesis
  • “Wonderful Pistachios Stephen Colbert” by Wonderful Pistachios
  • “A Better Web Awaits” by Squarespace (They’re a Super Bowl newcomer.)
  • “Romance” by Chevrolet

The consensus among the twenty people I polled was that these seven spots were the clear-cut favorites. “Puppy Love”, an ad for Budweiser beer, is a great example of a feel- good spot, and I believe the world will rank this as one of the highest of this year’s Super Bowl advertisements. In years past, humor has been a key aspect to the theme of the Budweiser brand, featuring monkeys one year and babies talking the next. However, this year was very much a free-for-all.

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Gonnella Baking Co. Selects Stevens & Tate Marketing For National Branding Initiative

Lombard, Ill.—Gonnella Baking Co., a family owned bread producer in Chicagoland for more than 125 years, has retained the creative and public relations services of Stevens & Tate Marketing to enhance its national brand presence.

From its beginnings as a neighborhood bakery distributing fresh baked breads in Chicago, Gonnella has grown into a $190 million company with more than 500 employees. Today, the company produces more than four million pounds of bread items weekly at three Chicago-area facilities and its newest plant in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. If addition to delivering bread daily to retailers and restaurants from Green Bay to Indianapolis, the company has expanded its product offering and distribution, now supplying frozen dough and baked frozen breads nationwide to both food service and retail outlets. Read more