Another Year of Super Bowl Commercials?

Each year, I watch the trends of the Super Bowl commercials. This year I decided to take a poll and see what the audience thinks. The people I polled ranged in age from from ten to fifty-five years-old. I found the most popular spots to be:

  • “The 80’s Called and Wants Their Store Back” by Radio Shack
  • “Time Machine” by Doritos
  • “Puppy Love” by Budweiser
  • “Dad’s Sixth Sense” by Hyundai Genesis
  • “Wonderful Pistachios Stephen Colbert” by Wonderful Pistachios
  • “A Better Web Awaits” by Squarespace (They’re a Super Bowl newcomer.)
  • “Romance” by Chevrolet

The consensus among the twenty people I polled was that these seven spots were the clear-cut favorites. “Puppy Love”, an ad for Budweiser beer, is a great example of a feel- good spot, and I believe the world will rank this as one of the highest of this year’s Super Bowl advertisements. In years past, humor has been a key aspect to the theme of the Budweiser brand, featuring monkeys one year and babies talking the next. However, this year was very much a free-for-all.

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