100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content

Drew Hendricks | October 23rd, 2014 | Forbes

There’s marketing, and then there’s content marketing, a niche that’s becoming more and more relevant in a digital era. Startupsespecially need to make the most of content marketing as a means to draw in customers, clients and visitors on a variety of platforms. “Content marketing” can be found just about anywhere from startup company websites to Facebook pages, email newsletters and tweets. However, there’s a right and wrong way to approach content marketing, especially as a startup.

Established companies can afford to take a few more risks because if one content marketing strategy doesn’t pan out, they still have solid footing. For those just getting started, you’re not just marketing, but also building a brand and reputation. As such, it’s crucial to follow eight musts for startup content marketing. This will put your business on the path to garner the right attention from the right markets.

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4 Solid Tips For Marketing To Millennials

Millennials make up about 25% of the US population and spend around $600 billion cumulatively each year. With this tremendous spending power, this generation is worth your time and attention. It’s important to present content that is relevant, innovative, interesting, and sharable—and that is in the right environment to reach them—tailored to the location, device and time of day. Here are a few key points to consider when targeting these consumers: Read more

#WorldsToughestJob Media Strategy

American Greetings Cardstore decided in the Fall of 2013 that it would take its traditional marketing budget and go online instead. This was the beginning of the cards company’s journey in digital media. For Mother’s Day it offered a unique job opportunity to over 15 million viewers and 12 people applied to the job posting.

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