Make An Impact With A Pop Of Color

I’m a sucker for anything pink. I bought my first iMac because Apple offered it in fuchsia. I got a brand-new KitchenAid in pink, even though my old one still worked. I even bought a car in red raspberry, which is as close to pink as cars come.

So imagine my delight when I walked the floor of the International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) last week at McCormick Place in Chicago. Down every aisle pastel pinks, blues and purples captivated me while bright red, green and yellow items captured my attention. Everything from kitchen utensils to luggage…small appliances to pet supplies colorfully screamed “notice me.”
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Award Winning Design

Stevens & Tate Marketing Recognized For Creative Excellence In Consumer Retail Packaging Design With 2014 International Davey Award

(LOMBARD, IL) – Stevens & Tate Marketing was honored for its outstanding work again this past year, receiving an International Davey Award for Creative Design in Packaging and Branding for a Private Label Consumer Goods Product.

The Lombard, Illinois advertising agency was honored with a Silver Davey award for its redesign of packaging for “Living Solutions™”—an owned brand of Walgreen Co. Stevens & Tate has been working with the national drugstore chain (headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois) for over four years to help build their in-store private label brands with a stronger and more cohesive presence. Read more

Facebook Starts Telling Brands How Relevant Their Ads Are

It’s a 10: Facebook Starts Telling Brands How Relevant Their Ads Are

Tim Peterson | AdAge | February 11th 2015

Facebook is giving advertisers a new tool to better compete for the social network’s expensive and scarce ad slots.

Starting this week, Facebook will tell advertisers how relevant the social network has judged their ads to be. Advertisers will be able to monitor their scores and tweak less relevant ads to become more relevant, potentially boosting the ad’s performance and lowering its price.

Facebook will score an ad’s relevance on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 meaning the ad is highly relevant to its target audience.

Facebook determines an ad’s relevance by measuring how positively or negatively its target audience may respond to it. Positive measurements include video views, shares and clicks, and negative measurements include the number of times people click to hide an ad or report it as spam. Facebook will start scoring an ad’s relevance after it has been served 500 times and will update the relevance score as more people come across it.

This move appears to be the latest way Facebook is trying to get a grip on the firehose of content flooding people’s news feeds. Last year the company moved closer to a pay-to-play model for brands to communicate with people on Facebook, which made room in people’s feeds for posts from friends and family. But heated as the competition may be to freely take up space in people’s feeds, things are also heating up on the paid side.

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