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Reaching Millennials: Three Stereotypes to Avoid when Marketing to Millennials

When reaching Millennials there are some common stereotypes to avoid. Read Mindy Pankoke’s article on Three Stereotypes To Avoid When Marketing To Millennials.

Mindy Pankoke | Advertising Age | September 16, 2016

Recently, ideas about marketing to millennials have become much more sophisticated. When marketers were confronted with this cohort, many of them relied on the stereotype of the bumbling, urbanite hipster with a short attention span to formulate their campaigns. Today though, it is better understood that Generation Y, literally America’s largest generation (75.4 million), is not a homogenous group. For one thing, there has been research showing that the wide age span in this group (18-34) creates marked buying differences between the younger and older millennials, which warrants different marketing strategies. Read more

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Why People Unsubscribe From Your Emails, And What To Do About It

Emails are an important part of any b2b marketing program, and are still one of the best ways to get your content in front of prospects and leads. In fact, according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2016 report, 29 percent of salespeople said that email is their most effective channel for connecting with prospects. One area where marketers often struggle with their email marketing campaigns is failing to retain their subscribers. Here are five reasons people commonly unsubscribe from your emails and a few tactics for keeping them on your list and engaging with your brand. Read more

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3 Helpful Tips To Improve Your CTAs To Generate More Leads

Calls-to-Action (or CTAs) are images, buttons, text, etc. that prompts one of your website visitors take some kind of action. CTAs could be trying to get visitors to download a white paper, read an article, or contact for more information. They are an important part of beginning to convert website traffic into leads.

Here are three ways for you to improve your CTAs and to make sure they are maximizing their presence on your website and generating the most contacts.

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