In Life and Advertising, Can Less Be More?

We are busy. Everyone is busy. Each of us manages many different tasks throughout the day, but how often do we pause to think about what we’re really doing? Are we just checking things off our never-ending To Do list, or are we engaging mindfully in actions that will bring us closer to our goals? As we approach the second half of 2013, I am looking at our company’s goals and asking, Are the sales and marketing activities we are engaging in leading to positive future indicators, driving results, and ultimately winning sales?

Each week in our Attraction Marketing meeting, we look at every team member’s dashboard and discuss their future indicators. This past week, we took the time to really review the effectiveness the team’s activities and indicators in terms of getting results. We asked ourselves, Which activities are we doing that are not showing positive future indicators? Are there certain things we can reduce or stop doing all together, in order to focus on activities that will get us results? Is it possible to be less busy and see more sales? Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be encouraging the team to re-evaluate the progress of their goals and adjust their activities for the last half of the year.

As you move into Q3 and Q4, take a look at your sales and marketing activities–are they leading to positive future indicators, driving results, and winning sales for you? As the marketplace strengthens and business increases, it’s especially important to focus not only the things you SHOULD be doing to drive results, but the things you can STOP doing. After all, who doesn’t want to shorten their To Do list?

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