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Marketing to Seniors Through Laughter

Whether you call them Older, Seniors, Elderly or Boomers, these widely accepted generational labels fall into an age-specific reference as “those over 50” or “people 65 and up.” As this market keeps adopting digital technology, finding what separates you from your competition is becoming more difficult. But with all the studies out there, there are five simple rules for marketing to seniors that everyone should abide by.

  • Seniors enjoy LAUGHING-make them smile and you’re half way home
  • Seniors like SIMPLE- not complicated and not wordy
  • Seniors don’t like to be PREACHED to – not condescending, avoid ridiculous or misleading claims
  • FAMILY MATTERS – especially grandkids
  • Seniors like to stay CONNECTED – to everything and everyone

I call this the “Five Senior Moments” which together as ingredients that sell your product. It certainly seems obvious, but very few brands are doing this well and taking it seriously.

I think Skippys peanut butter should have its own line called “Skippys for Seniors” that offers an incredible easy to open top at half the size. Or an Apple keyboard that has keys that are 1/4” larger and call it the Silver Edition. There is reason why the iPhone 6 plus sells so well, it has easy to read numbers and graphics.

Here are a few brands that have figured it out:

In 2015, 94 percent of seniors are sending text messages weekly. They want to stay connected, so they have adapted to the technology. Six million more seniors are using the web than five years ago. Is your message connecting with them?

Dancing With The Stars is watched by 18 million people each week on ABC. The audience demographic of ABC is 51 years old. CBS, which has Hawaii 5-0, is capturing the 55 years old market. TVLand takes the senior award at 55 years old. Know where you should advertise.

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