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Enhance Your Holiday Digital Marketing Strategy

The Holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year. More and more, shoppers are researching gifts, hunting for the best deals and making purchases online without stepping foot inside of a store.

Get the most out of your holiday digital marketing campaigns by using a combination of Email, Social Media and Retargeting.

Drive Sales With Emails

Emails are a great way to stay top of mind with customers, promote your latest sales and special offers, and drive traffic and sales directly to your website. In fact, for Black Friday 2015, email drove the most online sales, accounting for 25.1 percent of all online orders, according to MediaPost.

The holidays are also a great time to separate your brand by sending out fun and informative emails, that aren’t simply promoting sales. Try sending an informative holiday gift guide or a how-to as a way to set your brand apart and give customers a reason to open your emails even when they’re not looking to buy your products.

But before you send out your holiday marketing emails, make sure that your email templates are mobile friendly. Mobile shopping has accounted for 36.1 percent of all online shopping so far this holiday season. Emails that display correctly across devices are a great way to capitalize on this growth.

Create Buzz and Engagement With Social Media

Social media gives companies access to millions of people through both paid and organic advertising opportunities and can help create the kind of buzz that leads to sales during the holiday season.

The holidays are a great time to reward your fans and followers with special promotions or discounts. This can help keep followers engaging with your brand on social media throughout the rest of the year, and special follower discounts are often regularly shared with a customer’s friends and family which can lead to even more followers and brand exposure.

Social Media is also a very important tool for customer service during the holiday season. Respond quickly to questions, complaints and reviews posted to your social media pages. A helpful and friendly social media response is a great way to drive repeat business and referrals.

Bring Them Back With Retargeting

Retargeting gives you a second chance to convert a visitor who visited your website but left without making a purchase. By using a variety of ad networks, you can target those visitors with specific ads that will appear on their social media platforms, news outlets and other popular sites around the web.

You can create urgency for shoppers with free shipping or special discounted offers that might encourage them to go back and complete the purchase they had started before.


The holiday season is a very important time of the year for businesses. By incorporating emails, social media and retargeting into your holiday digital marketing campaigns, you can increase your online sales and dominate this shopping season.

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