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As more Companies Catch on to the Benefits of CBD, Here’s What You Need to Know About This New Type of Marketing Strategy

CBDs (cannabidiols) are becoming incredibly popular throughout the country, leading to many CBD products and businesses popping up everywhere. One reason for this is the continual legalization of marijuana throughout many states. Note that CBD is only illegal in states where marijuana is illegal (if it was derived from marijuana). It can also come from hemp, in which case it’s legal everywhere.

It’s hard not to argue that CBD’s popularity isn’t related to the increasing acceptance of marijuana. However, it’s not the only reason behind the sudden increase in demand for CBD-related products throughout the country. Surprisingly, these products aren’t just sold at marijuana dispensaries. They are also sold at many health and food stores too. There are even rumors that major corporations like Starbucks and Coca Cola are strongly considering offering CBD products. If you’re in the CBD business, you’re going to want to know what type of marketing strategy to implement as the industry continues to explode.

Type of Marketing Strategy for CBD Products

The CBD industry is still in its infancy, but studies are predicting that the industry will be worth $22 billion by 2020. One of the major contributors to its popularity has been word of mouth. Today’s culture has a thing for natural, health-related products, and CBD is just that. However, there are so many big players hopping on the CBD train. Knowing how to market your CBD business is going to be vital to growing your business. Proper marketing allows you to compete with the many other CBD-related companies in the near future. 

CBD oilHow To Market CBD

The most important element of your marketing efforts in today’s CBD market is going to be your content marketing strategy. Consumers are still learning what CBD is. Many consumers don’t understand how CBD is different from marijuana, which isn’t surprising considering how many misconceptions about marijuana there are (such as the fact that it’s not an addictive substance).

Although CBD is from marijuana, it is not the ingredient that can cause the high marijuana is known for. That ingredient is THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient. Many consumers may think that CBD is psychoactive as well since it’s found in marijuana, but it’s not.

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Informing Consumers

All of these misconceptions are important to dispel in order to be able to successfully sell your CBD products. Creating content that informs consumers about CBD is going be extremely important. Not only will you be helping to inform your audience, thereby generating more interest in your products, but high-quality CBD content will help attract more leads who are interested in learning about CBD and will help to build trust in your brand. Content focusing on what CBDs are, what the potential health benefits are, how CBDs are different than THC, and what some of the common myths about CBD are can be quite helpful to your audience. In states where marijuana is still illegal, you may also want to highlight how CBD products derived from hemp are legal.

The CBD industry is relatively new, but it’s absolutely exploding. You can expect many CBD-related businesses to begin popping up over the next few years, not to mention that big, established companies will likely begin offering their own CBD products as well. The type of marketing strategy you implement plays an important part in helping you stand out in an industry that will be soon oversaturated. 

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