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What’s Trending In Marketing For March 2020

With the Coronavirus halting many events, knowing about current and recent marketing trends, is essential. Now more than ever, it’s important to know how to reach out to your customers, in creative ways that were previously not thought of . As a result, the following articles come from popular marketing blogs and highlight current marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Four Tips to Guaranteeing B2B Buyer Loyalty in 2020

Brandon Spear, President at MSTS, shows how retailers and brands can ensure B2B buyer loyalty by creating efficient payment options, removing friction from the purchasing process, and fostering an omnichannel buying experience.  

Coronavirus Creating Disruption, Uncertainty for Digital Marketing Ecosystem

The news cycle has been dominated by discussion and speculation about the Coronavirus or COVID-19. That’s also true in the tech press, as major events cancel, and companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Uber say revenues will likely take a hit because of supply chain issues or declining customer demand.

How Coronavirus (Covid-19) is Impacting Small Business and What You Can Do About It

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) is developing rapidly, leaving many small business owners uncertain about their future. Many expect the coronavirus to have a significant impact on their revenue, and these concerns are proven to be justified. Fortunately, there are some actions that you can take to protect your small business while at the same time, protecting yourself, your employees, and your customers.

Google My Business Temporarily Removes Features Due to COVID-19

As a result of limitations caused by the COVID-19 situation, Google is temporarily removing some features from Google My Business. For instance, Google My Business will not be publishing any new reviews, review replies, or new Q&A until further notice. While at the same time they prioritize reviewing new listings, claims, and verification’s for critical health related business.

Marketing in the Face of COVID-19: Senior Living Teams Get Creative

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the senior care industry in unimagined ways, and likely will for the foreseeable future. In spite of lockdowns and precautionary measures taken by operator and owners across the country, however senior living communities remain open for business-and sales and marketing teams are remaining busy but working in drastically different ways than usual.

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Improving Your Marketing Program

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Has your marketing campaign lost it’s edge? Maybe it’s because you haven’t introduced mobile. Mobile Marketing is proving to be the fastest, easiest, and most accessible form of marketing today. Seniors, adults, and even teenagers, have had experience dealing with mobile marketing in some shape or form. As a result, nearly every company can benefit from a mobile marketing strategy.

The Importance of Having a Professional Web Design 

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, you need a website. If you don’t have a website, you’re without a doubt going to lose out on a lot of potential customers. This is because simply having a website, is one of the most effective ways to generate awareness of your business. However, you will want to have a professionally designed website to ensure that it’s technically sound, visually appealing, and user friendly.

Email Marketing Metrics You Should Keep In Mind & What They Mean 

Email marketing was one of the earliest forms of inbound marketing- and it’s continued to be one of the most widely used due to how cost cost-efficient and effective the strategy is. If you’re implementing an email marketing campaign, then it’s important that you keep track of certain email marketing metrics. That way you can judge how your campaign is performing and identify what is and isn’t working.

5 Mobile Marketing Techniques To Build Your Ecommerce Brand Marketing Trends 2

Whether your company is just starting up or has reached or has reached the point of maintaining a well-established customer-base, it’s important to stay up to date with the most current marketing trends and techniques for your ecommerce business. Therefore, structuring structuring and launching an ecommerce website, is a milestone achievement for any brand.

5 Reasons to Use Hubspot

 There are a lot of marketing platforms out there that can be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating, managing, and tracking your marketing and sales efforts. Out of these platforms, Hubspot is one of the very best. The following article contains five reasons to consider using Hubspot as one of your main inbound marketing tools.

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Coronavirus and E-Commerce: It’s Complicated

The assumption that Coronavirus, social distancing, and staying home will boost e-commerce is widely held among digital marketing experts. However, early findings suggest that the reality of the situation will be somewhat more complicated.

Coronavirus: Emarketer lowers Global Ad Spend Projections for 2020

Worldwide ad spending is still expected to grow compared to last year, says research firm eMarketers, but it has lowered its growth expectations by 3%. Worldwide media ad spend will increase by 7.0% to $6.91.7 billion in 2020 over the prior year, down from the earlier growth estimate of 7.4% to $712.02 billion. The updated spend projections, include digital, directories as well as print, out-of-home, TV and radio advertising.

YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare Metrics Side by Side

YouTube is upgrading its analytics capabilities, allowing creators to compare multiple metrics side-by-side for the first time. This update specifically pertains to data in the ‘deep dive’ section of the YouTube analytics dashboard. The ‘deep dive’ section appears after clicking on “see more” next to any of the metrics on the overview screen.

Real-time Digital Insights & Automation: Powering Digital Marketer’s Performance

Last year digital marketers wasted an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies. While there are many different reasons and ways in which these marketing strategies have underperformed, the most common belief is the inability to keep up with modern consumer behavior. In this article, we’ll take a good look at two areas of great opportunity: real-time insights and real-time automation, and how they help you tackle these challenges head on.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. To help you stay ahead of the curve, this article will help you outline the bet digital marketing trends of 2020. For instance, video marketing is and always has been a reliable way of staying in touch with those who are far away. With hosting videos becoming easier and easier, each year sees more successful and ambitious branded videos online.