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Different Types Of Content Marketing For Lead Generation

“CONTENT IS KING.” It’s a phrase we have all heard before. But today, especially, it couldn’t be more true. Content, at its core, is what is essentially going to draw prospects to your brand. It is what makes you valuable. What others want to share and recommend. And it is the essence of what Inbound Attraction Marketing is all about. The trick is this: making the experience of your content one that will delight your readers and visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Types Of Effective Content

Consistently offering new ideas and thinking through relevant educational content online is key. This can include: blog posts, articles and press; podcasts and videos; newsletters; white papers or ebooks; infographics or posters; webinars and slideshows; and more. While you should use a variety of mediums to keep your content interesting and engaging for your audiences, each piece needs to be supported by industry knowledge, to position yourself as a trusted thought leader.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

As you develop your content, think about your ideal audience and target customer. Consider their needs, challenges and goals. Craft relevant, meaningful pieces that are focused on the type of information they would want to learn—not just what you want them to know. Think about what they might be seeking answers to, and address them. Show them you care about helping them make smart decisions—throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Focus on your target’s mindset and how it would change as they research and move from awareness to interest and consideration to decision making, and map out specific content that fits each stage.

Getting Found Through SEO

So what good is having a wealth of great content if no one can find it? Therefore, each item you put online needs to be rooted in smart search engine optimization to make it easily found when your ideal customer or prospect is looking. Select keywords that are specifically focused on the terms and phrases they would be searching for, and be sure to include them in all written pieces, as well as in titles, alt-tags and descriptions for any visual-based content. This will also lead to your visitors and readers being able to re-share your content and grow your audience base to generate greater qualified leads.

Remember: the goal is to always be trying to convert. Align your content type and format with the keywords and relevant search terms that reflect the behavior and research needs of your ideal customer or prospect. This will keep them returning to you as a trusted resource to help them make smart decisions along the way, eventually leading to the ultimate goal—the sale and subsequent referral.

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