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How Pop Culture Creates Creative Marketing Solutions

If there is one thing that marketers know how to do really well, it’s write blogs. We do research, look at trends, write our findings, and publish them for the world to see. After publishing a number of articles we noticed that one of them did really well. “Four Things You Can Learn About Real Estate Marketing From Bon Jovi” Is one of the most viewed blog articles on our website. Aside from being a well-written article with profound insight, I was wondering if there was any other reason this article drew a considerable amount of online traffic. There is only one reason I can think of for this.

People know and care about Bon Jovi, which made them curious about what the article had to say. Today, there are more brands, franchises, and celebrities to talk about than ever before. It’s time we start using them to our advantage. This article explores how the world of pop culture presents creative marketing solutions for anyone who wants to increase their online traffic with their online blog.

Read one of our Creative Marketing Solutions from pop culture: “Four Things You Can Learn About Real Estate Marketing From Bon Jovi”

Lions And Tigers And Bears? Nope. Zombies.

For the last decade or so, zombies have become a pervasive part of American culture. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television. There are countless articles about zombies online, including this one that explains why a zombie apocalypse could actually happen, and Canada’s parliament even discussed the possibility of a zombie apocalypse on the parliament floor. Whether it’s just fun to think about or an excuse to hoard hundreds of cans of tomato soup in your basement, people talk about zombies.

Even without seeing a specific movie the concept of zombies is pretty universal. Why not incorporate this into your writing? We know that if someone is already interested in a topic or has prior knowledge on a subject they are more likely to click on links pertaining to that subject. So don’t feel ashamed, write about zombies, super heroes, even vampires! By having some fun with your writing you will be surprised at what kind of reaction you will get out of your readers. (Note: If you choose to write about vampires, do not write about the sparkling ones. You’ve been warned.)

Marvel At Your Writing.

There was once a time when comic books, and the people who read them, were seen as nerdy or stupid. Look at any movie from the 80’s. What was the easiest way to convey to the audience that a child was a social outcast? Make the kid read a comic. BOOM! Audience knows this kid is weird and awkward but he probably has a heart of gold because the kid is also the main character. Fast forward to 2017 where 16 Marvel films have grossed over 10 billion dollars worldwide and you will know that times have changed.

Today, comic books aren’t seen as nerdy or lame because everybody is watching and loving these films. With so many movies full of allusions to rich, decades old backstories along with pop culture references and endless Stan Lee cameos, these movies are fun to watch and even more fun to talk about. Take advantage of that! Whatever you end up writing about though, make it relate back your field of expertise. Otherwise people won’t read your blog in a way that supports your business. For example, if you do opinion pieces on politics you could write something like… “Why ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is A Metaphor Of Today’s Political Divide.” Actually, don’t write that. I like that one. Write your own article!

Take Advice from Jean-Luc Picard: Engage!

One of the best things about pop culture is that EVERYONE has an opinion on something. Which Batman is your favorite (Ben Affleck. Obviously), what was the best Lord of the Rings Film (Fellowship), and did Han really shoot first (Yes. Yes he did)? The thing about opinions is that they can’t be proven one way or another, but that doesn’t stop people from sharing theirs. So if you post an article about why Indiana Jones could beat Bruce Lee in a fight, expect someone to disagree with you. When they do, have a friendly argument about it. These back-and-forth exchanges are interesting to both the commenter and other visitors who may engage in the conversation themself.

If, through these discussions you become inspired with a new idea, or decide that your original article was wrong, write a new article! You can even tag the commenter who inspired your new article. This gives you an air of genuineness and will further encourage other readers to comment. The point is, people reading your articles want to be more informed, but they also want to be entertained. That doesn’t have to stop when the article is finished. So keep making your content with your visitors in mind. This will encourage you to write content that keeps brining people back for more.

Whatever industry you happen to be in, these creative marketing solutions should be able to help you increase your online traffic. There is an endless number of ways to talk about any subject, so let your creativity run wild. If we can write an article about Jon Bon Jovi that relates to real estate marketing then you should be able to discuss almost any topic there is. Whatever you end up writing about, just remember; your article should be fun, relevant, and engaging so people keep coming back to your website to see what you have to say next.

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