Benefits of Marketing Automation

5 Benefits Of Marketing Automation

When researching purchases online, customers expect timely responses to their questions. Organizations that are able to respond quickly and provide content that addresses that customer’s specific needs are more successful. A Harvard Business Review study found that companies are 60 times more likely to qualify a lead, if they follow up within one hour.

Marketing automation helps enable organizations to respond to those requests quickly, engage leads with relevant content, track and score each lead’s behavior, and deliver better quality leads.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a tool that informs, interacts and nurtures leads as they move through the sales funnel. Marketing automation is an automated process that manages your brand’s interaction with prospects by providing them the right information at the right time in the buying process. Marketing automation uses targeted content to inform, entertain, socialize and earn a prospect’s business.

5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Marketing Automation Simplifies Marketing Tasks

Marketing automation simplifies routine marketing tasks, using automated processes to follow up with prospects. Because content is created in advance and scheduled to go out when prospects perform certain behaviors, there is less immediate work that needs to be done. Your marketing team won’t have to scramble to respond to each individual request, because the program is set up to handle those requests automatically.

  1. Stronger Communication

Marketing automation enables businesses to create a strong, consistent brand presence across multiple marketing channels. Campaigns are developed in advance, meaning that you can take the time to perfect your messaging and schedule a consistent message across emails, blogs, social media and any other marketing channels.

  1. More Personalized

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a moment. If you were receiving information from a business, wouldn’t you prefer to get personalized emails based on your needs over blasts you can tell they’re sending to hundreds of other people? It feels tailored to you and addresses your individual needs. It makes you much more likely to trust that company and contact them when you’re ready to make a purchase decision.

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  1. Targeted Content Nurtures Leads

Marketing automation programs gather information based on your customers’ behavior; tracking content downloads, email opens, purchases, and more. This data is stored, allowing you to target each customer more effectively.

As customers interact with your website, they earn a lead score, which helps you know when to send them certain types of content that can move them through the sales process.

  1. Improved Campaign Testing & Reporting

Marketing automation programs provide detailed statistics, charts, graphs and other data so that you can continuously track and monitor the performance of each of your campaigns. Marketing automation tools make it easy to run ongoing A/B Tests, while automatically collecting data that you can use to compare results and optimize for peak performance. With the right marketing automation system, you can identify which campaigns worked and what type of customer they worked for.

Implementing a marketing automation program as part of your marketing strategy can help your business better engage with potential customers, using content targeted to their individual needs, all while moving them through the sales process.

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