Delight Your Customers

How Can You Delight Your Customers?

How do big-name brands like Coca-Cola and Disney retain their customers after their first sales interaction? They continuously delight their customers with their products and services, and aa a result, develop a strong relationship with those customers.

So what does it mean to “delight” consumers? The “delight” phase of the Inbound Marketing Methodology is all about pleasing your customers so that they benefit from your company and remain a customer and promoters of your brand. Read on to find out how you can delight your customers:

 Delight your customers before and after the sale

You should be delighting your customers at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey and long after they are a customer. Every effort of inbound marketing is about the consumer, so whether the person is a visitor to your site, a lead, or a customer of three years, they should be receiving attention from you. Common mistake companies make is to focus so heavily on gaining customers that they forget to give attention to the ones they already have. Simple efforts such as following up with them after their purchase will make a world of a difference.

The entire company should be involved in delighting customers

Every interaction a customer has with your company reflects on your brand and is an essential part of the customer experience. One bad customer service experience can taint that brand in the consumer’s eyes, and can even lead them to terminate the relationship. Delighting customers should be a responsibility for every employee and should be a holistic company goal.

Solve your customers’ problems

Inbound marketing is all about educating the consumer so that they can solve any problem they may have. Helpful and efficient attention to solving these problems leads to a great customer service experience. When taking the time to tend to these concerns, it is important to listen to the consumer. Consumers will respond best to genuine interaction, and if they feel that your company will be helpful in solving their problem.

Delight starts from within

In order to delight your customers, first, your company must be on-board. The first step of course is to hire employees that are a great fit for your company, not only in skill-set but also in character. Hire people that you know will benefit your company, and bring the company forward in terms of delighting your customers. Educate your employees about your company’s beliefs, and be sure that those be lifts are carried out. Empower your employees, trust them, and let them shine.

Always check your data

As with any inbound practice, be sure to always relate your efforts back to your data. Check your numbers to make sure that your customer experience is everything you want it to be! If you’re losing customers, why is that and what needs to be changed to prevent that? A great tool to use to listen to customers is social monitoring. Utilize it to help you improve your customers’ experience.

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