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A Thank You Page Isn’t An End, But A Continuation

A thank you page is where a website visitor is directed after downloading a content offer. The function of a thank you page (of course) is to thank that visitor for downloading the content from your landing page, but also to help them move through the Buyer’s Journey.

A thank you page shouldn’t just say “thanks for coming.” Saying thank you is important to be courteous and trustworthy, but you can use thank you pages to your advantage and lead visitors to discover more about your company. Here are some important practices to help make sure your thank you pages are as effective as possible.

Most importantly, follow through with the content offer

The first thing that should be blatantly clear on your thank you page is that your visitor has either received the content offer, successfully submitted their information, or whatever your landing page’s purpose may be. Your visitors will want to know that everything worked the way it was supposed to, otherwise it may damage your brand’s credibility. Ultimately if your promise is followed through, that will strengthen your visitors’ trust in your company and encourage them to come back to you for more.

Another way to continue your relationship with your leads is through email. Find out how and read  How To Nurture Your Leads Through Email Marketing.

Provide more content

The only thing better than helpful content, is more helpful content. Your thank you page is a great opportunity to link your visitors to another relevant blog post, download, video, etc. This new CTA should correlate with your initial offer from your landing page. Your visitors were interested enough in that subject to complete their download and make it to your thank you page, so it only makes sense to supply them with more related material.

Give them an opportunity to explore

For landing pages, navigation links should be removed from in order to eliminate any potential distractions But for thank you pages, you will want to make sure those navigation links are visible again!

If the navigation buttons are conveniently displayed on your thank you page, your visitors will be more likely to click and look around your website. It is also a good idea to include social media sharing icons to either ask them to share the original offer from the landing page now that they have it, or follow your social media accounts.

Thank you pages definitely should not mark the end of your visitors’ journey with your brand. Use these methods to make sure your thank you pages are reaching their full potential.

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