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4 Solid Tips For Marketing To Millennials

Millennials make up about 25% of the US population and spend around $600 billion cumulatively each year. With this tremendous spending power, this generation is worth your time and attention. It’s important to present content that is relevant, innovative, interesting, and sharable—and that is in the right environment to reach them—tailored to the location, device and time of day. Here are a few key points to consider when targeting these consumers:

1. DO be entertaining

Entertaining ads will be relevant at any time of day they are seen.
Alvin Bowles said in Direct Marketing News, “If I’m interested in watching [content] then it’s like prime-time all the time. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what the subject is, as long as it’s interesting to me.”

2. DO embrace digital media

Digital formats allow for the same content to be presented as in print, while also allowing for a two-way conversation.
Studies show that 5 in 6 Millennials are connecting with brands via the social space; and are looking for immediate answers to questions about a brand or product.

3. DO be consumer-friendly and accessible

While sales and revenue are always important, companies should also recognize the importance of being accessible and user friendly.
Millennials like a brand that is real and genuine, and that doesn’t try to impress them. This generation identifies with subject matter and picks up on inauthentic content. Presenting your brand in a straightforward and benefit-driven way attracts them.
For example, Apple focuses on design and Nike focuses on performance. These are both simple approaches that capture Millennials’ attention and can result in building long-term brand loyal customers.

4. DON’T do banner ads

Banner ads are easily ignored by Millennials. Today, these consumers are constantly using multiple screens—whether they are watching TV while surfing the web or using tablets/ laptops and their smartphones at the same time. This doesn’t mean you need something on every device, it means you need to be on the right screen…at the right time.
Research from YuMe, a company that specializes in multi-screen advertising, found that 91% of Millennials use a connected device while watching TV. As a result, their focus is on content that is important to them because they are absorbing twice as much information as they would be if they used just one screen.

One last takeaway: remember to make your ads relevant, interesting and interactive in order to reach the Millennial generation. Need help getting started? To learn more about our expertise with marketing to Millennials, visit our website or give call us at 630/627-5200.

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