Attraction Marketing: How Can You Do More Within Your Organization To Draw Business To You?

Over the past two years we have been asked by many companies what they can be doing themselves to improve their result in marketing. Budgets are tight and often people have time on their hands due to decrease workloads or seasonality. In June 2009 we began work on strategies that companies can implement with their team to build their business. During the process it became clear that, in order to control spending the focus would need to be on non-media strategies. Further discussion led us to the term “Attraction Marketing.” In short, Attraction Marketing improving your attractiveness to your prospects, to the marketplace.

We all personally want to be seen as attractive, be respected, admired, relevant. Similarly, Attraction Marketing addresses topics that can help create these perceptions for businesses.

Some of the strategies we will cover will be familiar to you, though we hope to get you to think about it a little differently. Some of the tactics you may already be doing, and that’s great. Hopefully we can show you how these things as connected and building on each other.

Stevens & Tate Marketing have been the test group for Attraction Marketing for 12 months now. In the postings I will tell you what worked for us and speak to our results. I will offer suggestions on how to lead the process through developing management and tracking. So join me is as I cover topics like All Dressed Up, Show Up In Style, Be Impressive, Become A Socialite, Lend A Hand, Stay Top Of Mind over the next few months.