Maintaining Sales Momentum In The New Media Landscape

Today’s consumers are more individualized than ever before and the media has responded to their demand for personalization.  There are thousands of newspapers across the country along with countless niche publications addressing individual areas of a person’s life. In addition to AM and FM radio, there now is satellite radio offering more stations and formats than ever before. With satellite TV and cable, hundreds of channels are competing for viewership.

These changes in consumer behavior directly impact how and where today’s new-home buyers look for information. This fragmentation of media outlets results in fewer and fewer people getting their information from traditional outlets and there simply isn’t ONE source for information anymore.

Adding more roadblocks to having your message heard is the fact that more and more new-home buyers are avoiding advertising. For example, many people turn the channel on the radio when commercials come on or listen to CDs in the car. TIVO and OnDemand services allow consumers to watch TV and fast forward past commercials. In addition, iPods have revolutionized the way potential new-home buyers listen to music. They can download eight or more hours of commercial-free music and listen to it while commuting or lingering around the house.

Potential new-home buyers are multitasking more than ever before, too. When in the car, they are likely on their cell phones, dealing with children, or becoming frustrated by traffic. At home, many people have the TV on in the background while performing other tasks like making dinner, helping the children with homework, or cleaning up. As a result, advertisers are realizing that their messages are not reaching their targeted audience with the same frequency as before.

How should your company react? Look for marketing vehicles where consumers are actively engaged. Show your videos on YouTube. Initiate a mobile marketing campaign. Run your ads online with streaming radio. Look at rich media for interactive advertising to engage the viewer and increase click-thrus.

Most importantly, make sure you advertise in mediums and vehicles that resonate with your target audience. Successful branding occurs when the consumer has a personal “connection” with your products and service…they mean something to them in terms that resonate with their personal lives. Along with brand recognition comes increased awareness and sales.

In today’s “new media landscape,” it’s critical to thoroughly research, target and review your marketing efforts almost daily to ensure the proper media mix to maximize results and minimize spending.