Mobile Marketing & PPC Campaigns

Smartphones, and other internet capable phones, are changing the way people use their phones and browse the Internet on the go. Although smartphones’ Internet experience is similar to a desktop browser, the impact of mobile search can have an effect on your pay per click campaigns.

In addition to the growth of search volume, mobile search may affect your PPC campaigns in the following ways:

  • Mobile search queries tend to use shorter keyword phrases than desktop or laptop based searches. This is due to the mobile device’s keyboard and user’s environment.
  • Mobile search queries are more likely to be local in nature.
  • Mobile searchers are consumers that you want to get your brand and products in front of, but do not expect many online sales just yet. Many clickers on mobile devices are looking for a local store instead of looking to purchase online.

With more and more users switching to smartphones and phones with Internet capabilities, it is important for advertisers participating in paid search to be aware of these new trends to stay ahead of the mobile search curve.

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