A Super “Bowl” Filled To The Rim With Doritos

This year Doritos again conducted their annual Super Bowl TV commercial contest, “Crash The Super Bowl” with the top winner receiving $1,000,000 for their efforts. They aired four winners, each were :30. The spots aired were chosen by the fans prior to the game from six finalist posted on CrashTheSuperBowl.com. The website has a Forum for fans to offer opinions, a Gallery to view the over 100 entries and even a “Herbert Brother How To” that explains the do’s and dont’s of making a commercial.

Doritos has done an excellent job at engaging their tribe by creating an online event that far outweighs the time value of four :30 spots. Some of the magic comes from repeating the event annually. This gives their following an opportunity to grow year after year.

All the spots poke a little fun at Doritos lovers and all seem to have someone getting hurt or put through some pain. This seems to be part of the formula. It’s Doritos meets America’s Funniest Videos. We still like to see others in pain, as long as we know it’s not real. My favorite Doritos spot was the “Funeral” were a man asks to be buried in a coffin filled with Doritos. It shows true love for the product and has more humor than pain, since the man is not actually dead. Visit CrashTheSuperBowl.com to view all four winners.

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