The Future is Here and Paper is Not Included!

Whether you are an “extreme couponer” or just like to keep an eye out for good deals, you are probably used to finding these in the Sunday newspaper or in the stack of weekly circulars at the local grocery store. You get home, grab some scissors, and start snipping away. Then, you begin to sort and organize into different piles by month, store, or expiration. Well, put down those scissors and pick up that smart phone; the paper-coupon era is becoming extinct.

It is confirmed that more than 110 million people and about 70% of digital coupon users will use coupons on their mobile device this year. This number has increased dramatically compared to the 92 million people that used digital coupons in 2012 and the 103 million people back in 2011.

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TNT’s Edgy Brand Makeover and New “Boom” Tagline

TNT’s brand makeover began with two wildly successful guerilla-marketing stunts in 2012 and 2013 titled “A dramatic surprise on a quiet square,” and “A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day” following a year later. Both ads featured pedestrians stumbling upon a large red button with a sign pointing to it that read, “Push to add Drama.” In “A dramatic surprise on a quiet square,” those who were brave enough to press the button were exposed to an elaborate live sequence of car crashes, fights, police shoot outs, heroic football players, and a girl in a bikini riding a motorcycle. Read more