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For Those Who Do Not Believe In Branding and Marketing

So… you are one of those people that don’t believe that branding and marketing works…


Why do so many companies spend millions of dollars for just a few seconds of air-time on the Superbowl each year?

Why do millions of people flock to Starbucks every morning?

Why has Apple taken over the phone industry?

Why has Nike signed more athletes than any other brand?

These answers are way too obvious.

I want you to imagine yourself buying a car or a vacuum. Car advertisement is everywhere, but how did you narrow it down and buy the car that you purchased? Something of a certain brand led you into the door. Something gave you an emotional connection with that brand. The same principle applies to vacuums and this is exactly how Dyson saturated the market with its advertising.

Dyson is the number one selling vacuum today. But first, lets rewind. Dyson was only just established in 1993. How did James Dyson achieve such success alongside vacuum pioneers Hoover and Eureka, making a revenue of six billion dollars at the time? Well, it took a great product and relentless marketing to bring Dyson’s product to life. After much effort, today, Dyson vacuums are perceived as “the better vacuum.” Without having marketed this product, like so many others, Dyson would have fallen to the wayside.

What will McDonalds spend on branding and marketing this year?

Would you believe just shy of ONE BILLION DOLLARS?

Why does Coca-Cola, clearly a leading brand of soft drinks, need to spend three billion dollars on advertising each year? Well, if a brand doesn’t keep an image in people’s minds that image will soon fade away and bad things happen to your brand. We see a clear example of this with the new Australian law stating that cigarettes can only be sold in plain packages. Sales have dropped tremendously, so bad that they have dropped to the tune of 7.6 percent in just one quarter.

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Cigarettes being sold in plain packages is equal to no branding at all. With no brand recognition, sales drop. Period. Do you remember when Coca-Cola brought on its new formula and took their old can off the shelves? It caused complete chaos, but over-time corrected itself, having brought back the original can.

People become attached to a brand, whether they see it or not.

What is the sport drink preferred by athletes? You already know this answer without me giving it to you. You know this because brand marketing is everywhere!

Why did you pick the razor that you use everyday? What about your shampoo? Something led you into wanting those specific items. If you use Gillette razors, you know that when the blue strip fades away, it is time for a new blade. If you use Head & Shoulders, you are familiar with the infamous,“LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT.” Having put this on the back of their shampoo bottles in the 70s increased their sales by 10%. Three words that forever changed the industry. That is Marketing! It is everywhere! This is a marketing world!

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