Food Retail is Dying to a Millennial Mind

Food Retail Marketing to Millennials

In 2021, food brands should be targeting Millennials with their advertisements, however the traditional media avenues are not as effective in reaching this younger generation of consumers.

Millennials consume advertisements through technology because it is so integrated into their lives, with 81 percent using televisions, 76 percent using laptops, 40 percent iPhones, and 48 percent using desktop computers.

The media Millennials interact with should make up your media buys. How you get your product placement in the movies or gaming videos could make the difference in igniting your brand or staying at status quo.

Another area to explore is category television: 65 percent of Millennials watch full shows, 64 percent watch full movies and are you ready for this…45 percent watch the news coverage. That’s almost 50 percent!

This is where you should be centering your media buys around. Here are a two big questions to think about. Where are you putting your retail media dollars and are you pushing your claim to capture a huge market share?

Food Packaging is a wonderful way to covey company attributes. If it is not done right a company can disappear off the shelves because demand will not be warranted. It is important to drive your message and make sure it is being seen by your target audience.

FDA Nutrition Label Changes Impact Food Packaging Design

In 2010, NBC’s Community aired an episode that prominently featured KFC. The episode involved the cast going in to a space-launch simulator run by a Colonel Sanders avatar and included a number of references to KFC’s cultural influence. At one point, a character even talks about handing out KFC sandwiches to reporters, but decides not to after recognizing the press might think the sandwiches were product placement.

With technology’s influence on target audiences it has become harder for brands to convey their messages.


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